Busted 'Birds St. Pattys day party!!

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  1. Little party hound. Yup, I BUSTED them partying while my DH and I were out. See what happens when I clean off the deck and get ready to put the furniture out!!! SHAME on them. SHAME!!!! Needless to say, I kicked them all out. They were NOT happy. to bad the band stunk. I might have let them stay. [​IMG]

  2. And MAYMAY, you just started feeling better!~ BAD GIRL!

  3. [​IMG]


    SO, at least MayMay felt bad and led the girls out of my place. I think they were headed to Stan The Mans last I knew. Still havent seen them since.

  4. Daytona really did NOT want to go.


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  6. actually, they were pecking at the door to see if I could come out and play. and for me to bring the corn chex.
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    MayMay has got her groove back! Good for her!

    Oh yeah, Stan wouldn't mind a few blondes and redheads in his flock of gals.

  8. I think she has it coming back. I think she was just molting. I hope....

    Quit eating the sand guys! play in it!!!!!!!![​IMG]
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    Love your flock! So cute!
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    Didn't they give you their business card? They're from the City Building Inspection Department - verifying your good work!

    Oh and their stamp for the Permit final inspection? It's a muddy chick-print on the permit!

    You PASSED inspection! Congrads![​IMG]

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