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May 28, 2015
South Louisiana
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Only 6 at a time, because i only have one breeding pair. i will not be able to include extras because they will already be getting old for shipping at that time and the price reflects that (4 days in recomended as best freshness for shipping) and they would be more likely to sustain damage during shipment. Fertility is high but sometimes they cant shake back and begin development after too long of a travel. If you have questions about keeping these beauties i would be glad to help you but these are pet things, not worthwhile for meat or eggs. Eggs will be as clean as possible from the source, unwashed. I will package as well as possible with shipping foams and/or bubble wrap as needed for the eggs to be individually packaged and double boxing the whole deal.

Only have the silver hen and red brested blue cockrel in the pictures now i sold the extra breeding pair.

10$ for the half dozen eggs
20$ shipping flat rate

Please dont hesitate to PM me any questions!


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