Buttons galore! PICS added 6-3-11


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Well my buttons have multiplied, lol. I started out with 4 a
Now I have 5 more I brought home a couple of days ago. I'll add pics as soon as I can get to the library, tried with this phone but it wasn't feeling cooperative.

I also just popped 8 eggs from a pair of the originals into my hova bator, so excited! I have really falle in love with these guys, so amusing!

EDIT: Pics added!









If ANYONE could give me a heads up on color names/ genders I would greatly appreciate it, as I didn't previously have any of these colors before. Please look over the messy cage in the last few, I have changed it since then, sooo tired as I had more thrust upon me three days ago & it has been nonstop preparations!
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Very cute pics.

In pics 3 and 4 they are similer in color but one has a black head and the other doesn't. Are they male and female or just different colors? Just curious.
Wow, thanks quaillady! -beams in delight- I have fallen so hard for these little guys & want to pair them off asap if I can determine which are males & females. The brown male is pretty obvious but other than that I find myself pretty clueless, lol. I have 9 eggs incubating and the wild hen is laying again now & acting like she may set this time!
In photo 8, the two on the left are both boys if that helps you a little. Red vents are good indicators, or the bibs (although some hens have pseudo bibs nowadays).
beautiful birds!
Can you pair them up ? then like boy girl or like 3 girls and one boy ?

even though i let mine all together

but it might be nice to pair up ones and see what sort of chicks will hatch
I thought the one might be a bluefaced male but I am not so confidant in my quail sexing abilities just yet, lol. I feel blessed to have them as I tried to find some for 15 years. I have two males each with one bum leg that were born that way & they are no less precious to me.

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