BUY IT NOW or possible trade some of these for some Seramas, WANTED: Silkied Serama rooster

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I'm selling out of all of my birds except a few Seramas, a few of these birds I may be interested in trading for some Seramas if someone is close by but I would only be interested in hens unless someone has some silkied variety serama I need a rooster, or if anyone may have one for sale I may be interested.

    1. 2 pair of Cuckoo Japanese out of Ken Lee's stock all 4 are short and super nice show birds these are about 8 months old hens have just started laying.
    The pullet pictured won overall best single comb clean leg at a show in Oct. $350 for the 4 of them
    picture of there dad at a show:
    picture of there grandpa, one of the roosters is the color of him and the other rooster and 2 hens are the color of their dad:

    2. Black Mottled frizzle japanese hen 2 year old $45 she would make a good show bird:
    I have her sister for sale as well but she wouldnt be good for showing, however is a great broody hen $40

    3. Gray Japanese Rooster would make a nice show bird good coloring $50 SOLD

    4. Another gray rooster with short legs $40
    have another one similar to his coloring about 6 months old for $35

    5. Splash almost white japanese hen picture is of her sister they look identical except this hens comb is bigger $35

    6. Splash almost white Frizzle Japanese hen 2 year old $40

    7. 3 year old solid black japanese rooster his only fault is his comb having the frost bite and he lost the points has really nice chicks he is out of a different bloodline than my other japanese $40

    8. Black Mottled japanese hen 2 year old $50 SOLD

    9. Light black mottled japanese hen 2 year old $50 SOLD

    10. another light black mottled japanese hen a little over a year old the one standing to the left with the big fanned tail $50 SOLD

    11. 2 Blue Mottled Frizzle Japanese hens one is a 2 year old the one that is standing next to the rooster the other is 1 year old both $45 each:

    12. 2 year old Black Mottled Frizzle Japanese rooster $35 the one pictured is not him just one that looks similar to him out of my bloodline:

    13. Blue Mottled Japanese bantam pair hen will be of matching coloring and the rooster has 1 fault his comb I have used him in breeding and this has not been passed down to any of the chicks so should make a good breeder just not a show bird $100:

    15. Silver Blue Frizzle Japanese hen 2 year old $45

    16. Light colored blue mottled hen 3 year old great hen nice type and good mother to her chicks $75

    17. Blue Mottled hen 2 year old $35 also great broody hen

    18. 2 year old Blue Mottled hen great broody $35:

    19. Brown Red Japanese *Project* hen has some brown lacing on her chest and rooster is colored up like a gray except where the silver is on a gray he has gold dont have pictures of these but both are very nice quality $150 for the pair

    20. Black tailed White japanese pair around 6 months old pulet hasnt layed yet $50 for the pair

    21. Black tailed red japanese rooster super nice short legs and great type, with a black hen who has gold lacing also on her chest, the rooster is a millie fleur gene carrier $150 for the pair

    22. Millie Fleur Japanese bantam *Project* the hen is a solid black mottled and the rooster is a black mottled with some orange color on him has short legs and great type with a big comb, both of these are millie fleur gene carriers. $150 for the pair

    Have several other japanese as well for sale!!

    23. Standard size turken 1 white rooster with a pea comb $15

    24. Standard size white and buff colored turken rooster with a straight comb $20

    25. Crele colored standard size turken rooster with a rose comb $20 he's around 5 months old

    26. 3 standard size black tailed red turken roosters straight combs $15 each

    27. 1 cuckoo colored turken hen with a rose comb $20

    28. 1 cuckoo colored turken hen show quality straight comb and yellow legs $50

    29. 1 black mottled colored turken hen staright comb $40

    30. black with brown lacing on there chest turken hens straight combs I have I think 2 or 3 of these, have 1 solid black turken hen $20 each for these

    31. 3 or 4 red with black tail hens staright combs $20 each

    32. black tailed white turken hen looks like she is a half game has a pea comb $20

    33. 2 red and white turken hens straight combs $20 each

    34. Splash colored Turken hen white with black spots she is also a bit bigger than a bantam but not as big as a standard already laying $45

    35. BB Red Serama Rooster nice type $40

    38. 2 Lavendar Orpington Roosters $25 each these are out of really good lines and should be good show birds

    39. Pair of booted Seramas rooster is a black tailed red color and hen is a black tailed buff color these are young hen is like 4-5 months and rooster is only 7 months $100 for the pair these are out of byc crazypetlady stock nice birds I just dont care for the booted variety

    40. 2 black and gold project japanese roosters $20 for both

    41. Black tailed white Serama rooster $15

    42. Pair of Lemon Blue Old English rooster is young around 7 months been dubbed, both are small and typey came from an Old English breeder in TN $50 for the pair

    43. Blue Modern game rooster also dubbed came from the same breeder in TN $25

    44. Sport colored Old English hen that breeder in TN $25 she is small and typey

    45. Blue Slate Gobbler less than a year old starting his beard very friendly not aggressive have him with my chickens $35

    I'm sure I have others but for now this is all I can think of if any interest anyone please let me know I plan on selling out by April. I can ship to almost anywhere in the USA, pickup is also welcome.
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  2. bljbantams

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    Dec 4, 2012
    willl you ship
  3. Rocky Maley

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    Jan 3, 2011
    John Day on the River
    could you email me pic. of the lemon blue OEGB And the blue modern. [email protected]

    Thanks Rocky
  4. japbantams2011

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    Apr 25, 2011
    yes I can ship to almost anywhere in the USA price depends on how many birds you want and your location
  5. japbantams2011

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    Apr 25, 2011
    I will try to take some pictures of them for you tomorrow
  6. oliviahoward

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    Jan 28, 2014
    Do you still have any moderns available?

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