Bwahaha, I love finding new uses for old things!


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
In preparing for chicks, I've changed what I was going to use as a brooder at least 5 times.

Old canary breeding cage, Cardboard box, old dresser, two cardboard boxes taped together, and now...

My toy chest I had when I was a little one! It comes with a top that's not hinged so I won't have to worry about bonking my head from it falling down on me while playing with chicks.

I know it's plenty big enough because I used to hide in it when I was a little one, even if there were toys in it.
Though I think the giant mess around it always gave me away...
Now my little chicks can hide in it, and I can lid it to save them from my kittens!
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you gonna try to sit in it while playing with the chicks (jk) got a bad case of fuzzy butt envy my self. I keep mine in a wash tub. Then I get boxes from my business until they go out side, having so many boxes to change with it keeps the smell down, 'cause I can just throw away boxes as they get soiled. Always hay in the bottom, makes them last a few days longer.. Maybe next year I get some babies...(sigh)
D'aww~ Here's one thing you can't (or shouldn't) feel envious of:

I have to keep it literally right next to my bed.
Chirps at 1 in the morning, just like a real mama.
I have to admit, I've thought of doing this also. But the toy chest we have in the attic is a really expensive one that my grandmother bought. So I decided against it.
It's amazing what you can raise baby chicks in. I've use drawers, knitted slippers, boxes, crates, and pet carriers.
I buy puppy "pee-pee pads" at Ocean State Job Lot or Wal-mart ($12/pk of 50) and line the bottom my cardboard brooder boxes with them. When the chicks are just hatched, I put paper towels over the pads and remove the pieces of paper towels as they get dirty & replace when necessary. After the first week, I put pine shavings on top of the pads. If the shavings get wet or dirty, I scoop them out with a dustpan and add new shavings. I only change the pads if they get torn by the little residents. It's super easy to remove the shavings by folding them up inside the pads!

Oh, and when the chicks get a little bigger, I just add on to the cardboard boxes with more cardboard boxes, making a "Chick Condo". I cut "windows" similarly situated and sized in each of the boxes and then use duct tape to tape the tops and sides of the boxes together. The photo below shows one of the Chick Condos that i made to segregate a "picking" chick from the other two brooder-mates- I stapled some leftover window screening on each box's window hole so they could socialize, but not pick. I kept them separated for about 5-6 days and the picking stopped when I reunited them!

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