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Feb 1, 2010
Southern Virginia
The pain lasted two days and then there was no pain...and that was not good!

It was between second and third degree nerve damage-- third degree is a severed nerve.

This one was close to severed so the nerve has to tunnel down the sheath to repair itself. It has not reached all the way to my foot and may never make it there.
I have a numb left thumb from having a bad disc. Glad it's not my right thumb.


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Jul 23, 2018
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I think Mogwai injured her back. She won't raise her tail and if you try to do it for her she lets you know it hurts.
Her jumps have been sloppy and she's smashed into the edge of the granite and fallen to the floor more than once. She's still jumping up to the counter, over the baby gate and onto the couch and I can't stop this. There's no way to manage her food and litter without her having to jump.
I guess yet another vet appointment is in order...

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