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Jan 28, 2018
Gower, Wales
We had the kidneys for lunch, with mashed potato. No urine or ammonia smell or taste I'm pleased to say; apparently it's important to get them fresh, wash them well, and soak them in milk for an hour before using. The taste was quite delicate, but they were not as delicious as the ones I remember from Carluccio's restaurant (despite it being his book I was following for cooking and prep; I guess the secret was in the sauce...). On to the tripe!


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Jul 23, 2018
NY Southern Tier
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hope everyone who does is being COVID safe.
Driving home from work last night I saw a tent pitched in someone's front yard with chairs arranged around a central fire pit table.
That is where the small family gathering was taking place. It was lightly raining but they were still being responsible and staying outside. When I take the dogs to run this afternoon, I will be curious to see if they are dining under their tent.


Jan 29, 2018
SW Montana
Good morning, Cafe! Thanks for the coffee, Tonya.

Was going to sleep in a smidge today, but I guess Chick knows it's a workday and wanted to eat and go potty :rolleyes: I don't like sleeping in, anyway!

I think I'm going to try a pumpkin cheesecake and see how that goes. Can't wait to eat some turkey and green bean casserole :drool

Happy Thanksgiving to all you wonderful people. :hugs

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