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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
English is a living language, so it changes with how people speak and use it. Even if that means it's being used "incorrectly." One side of my brain easily accepts that. The other... not as readily, but it does, with some longing for correctness. I've read some about the history of English, and it is fascinating (if you like that kind of thing).


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Apr 19, 2012
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My husband wants to have a shop/work area in the pole barn. I would love for him to have that too. Having electricity would make it a wonderful workspace. I'm just wondering if we're looking at $1k, or $10k or ???
Depends on how much work is necessary. When you say the wires are cut, do you mean at the pole or at the building? Is the service panel in good shape? If so I wouldn't expect it to be to expensive to reconnect. Might need a new meter, around here they are all "self reading" meaning they send the reading to the power company rather than someone coming monthly to read them.

Yes. It's a turkey roasting pan.
Don't tell her! She'll start getting ideas of your future plans for her ;)

It smells a little different than just normal waste. Nothing rotten smelling.
Chickens seem to be immensely capable of overcoming some issues. I've not dealt with that particular problem but if she's acting OK, eating and all I think I'd keep up with the sitz baths. If there is dead tissue perhaps it will sluff off on it's own as healthy tissue grows in underneath.

Now I'll finally have to ask: What does this abbreviation mean?

Dear Son ?

That comment is intriguing, what did you mean exactly?

I figure besides being dear son #4, he is also the expensive one :D

and the prevailing philosophy is that how people actually speak and write now determines what goes in the grammars, not vice versa
For most of my life the line was "Ain't ain't a word so don't say ain't". Only now they decided since so many people say it anyway it should be in the dictionary.

Sorry, this old dog just can't bring himself to say ain't instead of isn't. After all isn't is a contraction of "is not". I'm pretty sure there is no word "ai" as a synonym of "is". And BESIDES that, ain't is also used for "am not". There is no amn't contraction for that.
"I ain't going to eat that" vs "I am not going to eat that"
"It ain't going to taste good" vs "It isn't going to taste good"


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Jul 23, 2018
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My Coop
Good morning Cafe. Coffee is ready.
Last day of work!
I finally replaced my old crappy phone. The volume button had popped off and I had to stick a paper clip against the volume up or down contacts to adjust the volume, 95% of the time I couldn't swipe up to answer a phone call, the screen would freeze about half the time and the automatic brightness function was possessed. The phone was over 4 years old.
A friend of mine at work had a one year old phone he wasn't using and he gave it to me. I took it in to have the chip transferred and all my contacts, photos etc. sent to the "new" phone. It works GREAT!! I love it. I asked my friend what he wanted for the phone and he said "bring me some eggs!"
My chickens have now just about paid for their accommodations. I got a shed and a smart phone for 2 dozen eggs.


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May 3, 2009
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Good morning Cafe'. Good deal DL.

! = Oh No! I am a parent!! Ewww! The baby is crying!!! What now!!!!
@ = I got this now. info Been there, done that.
# = Totally outnumbered now... Oh, you have more than 4 in your party, wait for the big table.
$ = Where did all of the freaking money go?

:lau I always wondered the designations.

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