C&C cages.


8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
I just thought this was nifty and went ahead an tried it! While looking for large but cheap bunny cages for my daughter's 2 Holland Lops, I ran across what is called "C&C cages".. Its normally built for Guinea Pigs but I also found some for bunnies too and thought that would be perfect for my Serama also!! so anyways if you look up prices I found Target has some for $20 that is just 4 cubes which is actually perfect for bunnie cages.. BUT I found them at Kmart also for $20 that is 6 shelves! Basically all you do it use Zipties and tie the pannels together and make a bottom an running boards to keep the bedding in! 3 nice sized cages only cost me $40!! The rest of the stuff (wood & Zip ties) were freebie scraps!! In the Serama pen I have 1 rooster with 4 girls with room for a few more in with him!!






Dominic saying "LET ME OUT!!"

He's still growing (only 2 months old) so by the time he's grown he wont be able to an with how mellow Dom. is he wont go anywhere. Thats why he's in the cage with the bigger holes and Buttons (Tort girl) is in the bottom cage with the smaller holes.
It looks too small for 4 chickens. Do you keep them in it all the time in the house? Might want to rethink that. Wire isn't good for feet--chickens or bunnies.

WHERE did I say that they were on wire floors? I said
and make a bottom an running boards to keep the bedding in!

They are all on WOOD floors with bedding in the bottom (cant quite keep bedding in with wire flooring now can we?) and the Serama are the worlds smallest breed of chicken.. people put pairs in smaller cages then what mine are in now. the largest bird in that pen is the rooster who is only 20oz. the 4 hens in with him are all 15oz and less! And for right now, YES, they are all in the basement because Seramas do not winter over well like other Bantams and LF breeds!
Considering their size, I think that pen is big enough for your seramas to overwinter. I am overwinter my bantam cochins in brooders in the garage. Big brooder sheds (two are 4x6 and two are 2x8) but still, they just dont require massive amounts of space.

However, I sure hope the picture you used as an example of birds in birdcages is for a transport only cage. Otherwise that is cruel.

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