CA: 14 week pure copper black marans cockerel


Looking for a broody
11 Years
Aug 18, 2008
14 week old pure copper black marans cockerel - shading is already much darker than these images (pictures taken about 2 weeks ago). Feathers on legs are getting fluffier as well.

Hatched from very dark eggs from Onthespot whose birds are F1 cross of Ron Presley/Wade Geane lines.

Cockerel is still sweet and is working on his crow.

Pickup preferred, willing to deliver if you're within reasonable distance of LA/Ventura County.

EDIT: new pictures!!


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Hi, my name is Linda. I am new to BYC. I have a few hens, but I am looking for more. Do you sell hens?
I live in Sylmar (Northeast San Fernando Valley). Is this anywhere near you? Do you know if anybody else who posts on here lives in So Cal?
Take care.
-Linda (mama2twins)
Welcome to BYC!

I do not currently have hens for sale, but there are a good number of southern california members on here - if you are looking for sellers, the fastest way to sort would be:

1. Search box at the top of the screen in the blue header bar
2. At the 'Select where to search' area, choose which buy/sell/auction subsection you want (these are all the way at the bottom)
3. Then in 'Select which country to search' choose 'united states' and then 'california' (no need to bother with 'Region')
4. Submit! And then start drooling at all the lovely birds people are selling.


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