Calico Bantam Cochin Pair

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    Jan 24, 2010
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    I am selling off all of my bantam cochins. This is my best pair.

    The roo is a calico and he is very typey, considering his age. He is still a cockeral and won't be a year old until the early spring. The hen is close to the same age, but older by about a month. She was/is a mille fleur, but her coloring wasn't quite as good as I had anticipated. Because of this, I thought she would pair off better with this roo. I am selling both as a pair. They are incredibly good natured and sweet. The hen will sit on your arm and the roo is happy as can be to let me pet and mess with him. They are a joy to own.

    The hen had a perfect comb (very typey) but she had a close encounter with a raccoon and it was ripped. However, you can see in her photos that her comb was lovely. It will certainly not effect her ability to pass on her nice comb to offspring. I just wanted to be upfront with everyone.

    I would prefer local pickup or could meet within a certain distance. We are located in Florida. However, I will ship if you are desperate to own this pair but cannot meet. It would be your responsibility to cover all shipping costs and provide a shipping box.

    Not listed, but could easily be included, is a solid black pair of bantam cochins. They're coming up on 2 years of age. If you're interested in buying both pair of birds, lets talk. However, this auction is just for the calico pair.

    The pictures below were taken when the roo was 3 months and the hen was 4 months. Updated pics will be provided today or tomorrow. The coloring is much more rich and correct now and the roo has a nice, large, and bright comb. The hen now has a lot more white and the roo has a lot more gold and some black. Again, new pics will be updated soon. They are a lovely pair.


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    That's a beautiful bird. To bad you are so far away.

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