California Hatchery - My runners arrived today!


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May 10, 2012
Olympia, WA
I ordered a couple Indian Runner Ducks a couple weeks ago (1 chocolate female and 1 straight run blue). They arrived today in excellent condition. They headed out from San Jose at 3:30pm and arrived in Seattle at 9:00pm the next day. I got the USPS call this morning at 6:30am informing me I could come right in through the back door to pick them up. They have a minimum order of 2 ducklings (or 3 chicks). Most of their traveling was done overnight, but they had lots of ventilation and a heat pad to keep them just the right temperature. Another couple of boxes were at the post office with the exact same packaging, so I assume from the same place, but I can't be certain. There was quite a few more ducks in those boxes, and all seemed healthy and active.

My two little runners are full of spunk. Put them in the brooder with the chickens and they already own the place. The chickens were terrified of them at first, so I sprinkled in some dried mealworms. With the chickens preoccupied with finding every last worm, the ducks strutted around inspecting every little thing they could find in the brooder. The chocolate walked straight up to the biggest chick (the 1.5 week old buff orpington) before snatching a mealworm right from her mouth.

I'll get photos up soon as I can get them from my phone onto a computer! I'm so excited to have these adorable little birds :)

EDIT: Photos!

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