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    Shipped eggs are one category. Eggs that came in the car to you ( or any car) are a middle zone, but an hour in the car wont stretch the membrane. I think its the planes that do it. The expanding and contracting.

    I know this is not a popular answer ( in fact its an darn annoying one) But, if you want to get your eggs perfect for your incubator, I would weigh AND watch humidity outside to see how it is affecting your incubator. And adjust your humidity and even temp accordingly ( we are talking tenths, maybe) IF you really want 100% hatches. What you need to know is what temp and humidity will get your eggs to 3% a day ( I THINK!) weight loss. It is the real way to know EXACTLY what is wrong.

    That being said, it sounds like your hatch is going fine, just slow. I would be content there.

    We had a mini chicken Miracle today! MY frilkie rooster disappeared 3 days ago. Took me a day to realize it, and we looked up and down the creek for 2 hrs ( one in the dark ) on Sunday. I have been trying to wrack my brains about what I could do about that coop, if it is not safe, I don't know how to cover it, as its on a hill and not level.

    He showed up this morning!! At the stairs and agitated and skinny! I guess he jumped the baby gate getting chased by the other roos while I was collecting eggs.

    He has a new name now...
    Leif Errikson!
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    Good morning everyone!

    How is everyone holding up in the heat? Our chickens would have had plenty of shade, if the neighbors hadn't cut down the shade tree last week [​IMG] hubby put up some emergency shade until we can get something permanent up.

    I love seeing all the chicks, and am so jealous! I wish we could have more chickens.
    Great coops! I may have to have hubby start a new one!

    I need to rant for a moment.
    My hubby is a carpenter. In January we made the very hard decision to have his rotator cuff repaired. He was in pain all the time, and it needed to be done.
    His boss said it was a great time, as things were slowing down through the winter. Todd (hubby) told him he would be back in 5-6 months. No problem.

    Now, his boss is a very good friend of ours. I have known him since my teens. He is like family to me. My husband has worked for him for 13 years.
    We have talked to him at social functions, and kept in touch during Todd's rehab. Not one word was ever said about the lack of work or being laid off. Todd tries to call him 2 weeks ago to let him know that as of the 1st of May he is cleared to go back to work.. His boss never called back. Todd called again yesterday. His boss said there is no work right now. [​IMG] In 13 years this would be only the 2nd time he has been laid off temporarily. I am just a little frustrated that he could have let us know sooner so we could prepare, and try to line some things up.

    I don't know what we are going to do. Can you go from disability to unemployment? I am just in tears. Being on disability has been a financial struggle, to say the least, If he goes on unemployment? I don't want to even think about it.

    Thanks for listening.....Now back to your regularly scheduled program.
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    This morning Johnny (my boyfriend) and I were up at 6 "saving" Pita Pinta's. There are at least 4 eggs that pipped and began zipping over 36 hours ago and nothing has happened since. The membrane dried out and was browning. The poor little babies had their beaks sticking out and chirping like crazy to get out :-( We used tweezers to break off the egg shell bit by bit and q-tips to wet the membrane. Once the top of the shell (with the airsac) was off, we put them back in the incubator. It took literally 2 seconds to take out of the incubator and maybe 2 minutes being operated on. OMG I hope this works. This is horrible!

    Jason - Beautiful birds!!! I remember that stage.. they are so cute!

    Mossyoaklane - Oh no I'm so sorry to hear that! I am sending good vibes your way in the hopes that he finds work soon! My boyfriend has been going to school for 4 years without working so I understand the panic that sets in when the bills are due and no money is coming in. I hope everything goes ok!
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    Oh and Chiquita - I can't believe your roo came back! That is sooo lucky! Go buy a lotto ticket ASAP! :)
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    Hope they do as well as mine have. I've had to step in at every hatch. The chick in my avatar almost stood up in the shell as soon as I removed the top shell and wet the membrane that had dried on her.
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    I can completely empathize! My dh is a carpenter and needs surgery on his elbow and is now having issues with his knee! Pulling lay out this summer is going to be a nightmare and he will have to limit ( somehow) the straight hours of swinging his hammer. Since we own the business there is no hope of unemployment or disability for us so he has chosen to grin and bear it. Not sure that can continue much longer? But, yes, on the regularly scheduled program... I'm so excited to be waiting for some of debs_flock eggs today!!!! I shall slave labor my son to come by and build breeding coops and runs for the fun projects I have planned;-) Kandi
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    Chiqita, I am glad your bad boy came back. Maybe no more fence hopping for him!

    Here are some more grandkid pictures for Owl's other mommy. Owl now has 5 babies out, but these are from yesterday with four..

    Top two are first two out from Saturday. Lying down silver one and Buff one were out yesterday morning. When the ones that got out last night dry off I will get pictures of those too (there is one Sumatra last nights hatchers - not from Owl).

    I have been trying to figure out how I could get these white/yellow chicks that I have been told are probably Silver Partridge. If you can give me any more information on who Owl's parents were it would help figure out this puzzle..

    And HOORAY for everybody elses' chicks too! ITS SPRING!
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    I had to assist two of my ducks a little bit while hatching. I was told it was because I kept opening the bator. Probably. But those darn ducklings were climbing over to the section of the bator where the turners were still going (staggered hatch) and I had to pull them. Can't win! LOL I have my fingers crossed for you!!

    Oh no. I'm so sorry. :( Being laid off sucks. It would have been nice if they had called as soon as they knew. <3 I hope it doesn't last long!
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    Wow Chiqita! The come back rooster! Yay!!
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    Mar 18, 2012
    I have 14 pages to read to catch up and am not sure that will be possible so I will do what I can but wanted to let you know that I put my eggs in lockdown this morning. 12 look good 5 look questionable but I left them all in. Since I have no sense of smell DH gave the questionable ones the sniff test and gave them the OK.

    Of the shipped eggs 7 of 23 made the good list and of 13 home grown eggs only 5 did. Every egg I have tossed so far has been infertile or never developed to the point of veining. It looks like I won't be getting a baby from Ray [​IMG] which ironically was the reason I decided to hatch in the first place.

    Speaking of Ray his comb flopped over the other day and yesterday his crow was hoarse. He isn't coughing or anything so should I be worried. He is eating and mounting and bustling around being bossy like normal. He is over 10 years old but we don't know how much.

    Lastly. It has been 5 days since my last "weak shell on the poop tray" egg. My two jailbirds have been isolated for over a week and have not bothered one another's eggs at all. No one else has been caught with a yolky beak. At what point can I put the jailbirds back with the others?

    On a happy note I am going to pick up babies from Deann in a few weeks and my Part Rocks, CA Greys. EEs and SS arrive on Friday![​IMG]

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