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    Thank You for this information! Owl is THE MAN! I set 7 of his girls' eggs. I have 6 chicks out and one pipping.

    I suspect Iggy is Owl's dad. It would explain the silver chick as either a Splash (two blue girls in there with him although he does not look blue to me) or a White (one girl could be carrying recessive white too, more probable). Otherwise I was going crazy trying to figure that out ... Also glad Owl got the silkied gene and didn't get the NN gene.. He is a good boy but I think I wouldn't have taken him if he was a smooth feathered Partridge Showgirl.. I am still saying "No Showgirls!" [​IMG]

    The ginger chicks are from the Buff girl I am using, those I expected. The light yellow ones were the ones that had me stumped, and that silver one.. if it is a white it carries Silver instead of Gold - and should be a beautiful white.

    Hooray on the frankenchicken eggs! I just got my first set of shipped eggs yesterday and one has the frankenchicken air cell (its a Welsummer egg). So glad to know the aircell didn't affect your hatch.

    Very nice pretty black chickens. Funny you would rather eat the duck eggs.. Ah well, if you can sell the chicken eggs you are paying for their feed and you get the enjoyment for "free"...
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    Why do you not mind eating the Icelandic eggs??? The little Icelandic mix chick that I hatched from your eggs is a male. At least I'm pretty sure he is. He has a pea comb with 3 rows of bumps!
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    Oh my goodness! A Cooper's Hawk was flying low over the chicken's area; they were all hiding under the coop. The hawk disappeared and all of the sudden I hear this huge noise and see one of the crows that has a nest in our big fir tree and the hawk locked in midair, spiraling downward. At the last second the crow let go and the hawk hightailed it off in the opposite direction, screaming insults. I am so thankful to those crows!!
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    Are these the siblings to my Ellie and Emma Emmet?
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    Oooooohhhhhh! [​IMG]
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    They are icelandic surprises! I've got no icee roo, and I have heard people hunt down and torture people who hatch to many icce mix chicks!

    But the eggs look like silkie eggs so they get incubated ocationaly, and they are KILLERfor trying out new incubators , you can see right into them and figure out if you are on target or not on developement. They are the best eggs for that ever!

    and chickeNmamma, you don't want to adopt ugly guy??


    not the best picture, but there is your nn non silked silkie in what I think is partridge pattern. yes, Ugly guy is his name, he is destined for not breeding.

    here is a girl[​IMG]

    are orphingtons late to develope? My stockton show jubilee eggs have no combs. Are they girls, or is it too early to tell? the mille fleur pair is clearly one each.

    not the best pictures...


    They are about 10 weeks old. if I've got 2 girls I might need a roo, if I can get mario to build me a breeding pen in a few months.

    the seramas should have eggs in a few weeks too! They are pinking slightly and gingerbread is romancing both ladies. One is happy, one is sad about it...
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    [​IMG] Beautiful and ugly chickens are the best!

    I am sure that Happy Chooks would say those are pullets.
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    Great shots as always! What's a Frankenchicken? LOL
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    I hear that a lot. haha! I have a couple chick egg regulars I sell to- so that's nice. I also have some duck egg regulars I sell to- also nice. I have more eggs and birds than I need. But no where near a hoarding status. My first love is really ducks for a backyard farmstead and geese for pets- but I really simply enjoy the chickens...watching them, talking to them, giving them treats, they scratch the ground, eat bugs- they certainly have uses far beyond an egg basket and I appreciate that. :D
    Yay for successful hatching!
    My pullet Orps (not hatchery) were very slow to get combs and laid later than the other breeds.
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    I call my mutts that. :D

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