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    I just read a post on the Turkey Hatch thread that explains what can happen when humidity goes to high in the incubator.

    The higher the humidity the more oxygen is removed from the incubator, leaving Carbon dioxide. What appears to be drowning with too much humidity is actually CO2 poisoning!

    So, going over 80% will not drown them but will kill them because of a lack of oxygen\co2 poisoning. Keep those vents open and make sure there is plenty of fresh air around the incubator.[​IMG]
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    May 15, 2012
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    I am feeling super guilty now too! I've opened the incubator so many times today to put wet paper towels, remove eggs to work on, wet the membranes. I have to open the incubator one more time before I leave for work... the paper towels aren't wet at all anymore. I feel like I'm killing/maybe helping these chicks. I'm just crossing my fingers!

    So funny! Sometimes I get "egged out" and can't eat chicken eggs for a couple of days. Also, since I bought chickens, I am so weird about eating chicken meat! I'll eat it but it's not my first choice.
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    I think they look totally different. Canadian...said home wreckers too.



    My Africans:




    I had to open much more than I wanted to, that's for sure. I am trying to figure out how to separate part of the bator off for the hatchlings from the ones still incubating. Trial and error. I had them in a plastic clam shell but the baby I left in there was panting. :| Can't win. *fingers crossed* for you!
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Beautiful pictures everyone...

    Hope it all works out Meg

    Should I be worried about Ray? He is 10+ years old and two days ago his comb flopped over then yesterday he was hoarse when he crowed. He is eating and mounting and doing his rooster thing so not acting sick in any other way.

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    EGGS!!! Ready for another try. Ccl- gc - Bbb - col Cochin - and od.... I probably just listed those all incorrectly. Haha I'm so excited!
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Good Luck!!!
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    Oh yeah, their faces are totally different. Would be a Frankenduck!
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    gorgeous gooses, amy!! and love seeing all the various chicks being posted here! you all are inspiration to a beginner-hatcher like me.

    home from work and not sure about the state of my moved-broody's remaining eggs -- she'd moved them all out of the new nestbox, onto the "floor" (her enclosure is in the coop's run, which has a "floor" of about 12" of deep litter) closer to where i set up food and water -- she was up pecking at things with her two chicks when i arrived, and two of the eggs still felt fairly warm (although not under-the-broody warm), but the other two were quite cool. she's sitting on all of them again, plus the chicks, with her head next to the food so she can eat without getting up -- but not sure if the eggs will make it at this point? I *thought* i might have heard a peep from one of them, but not certain...

    if they don't make it, there are lots more under the other three broodies, so no shortage of potential chicks -- and this is all most definitely a learning experience! i feel horribly inept at it all...
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    Mar 6, 2011
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    Newbie question for y'all.

    Chicks are about 5.5 weeks old and have been in the garage under a heat lamp. We also have a pellet stove in the garage with the thermastat set at 60 degrees. I've been putting them in the outdoor run during the day when temperatures have been 60+ degrees and they aren't acting cold, even when it is pretty breezy. Do you think it might be time to retire the heat lamp, and just keep the pellet stove running? Start bumping it down by 5 degrees a week?

    Coop is done other than painting, but we are stilling getting into the thirties at night. Last week our highs didn't get much higher than our lows, and it snowed. Since we don't have electricity in the coop, I'm pretty sure they aren't ready for it yet.

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    At 6 weeks they do not need heat anymore(well silkies?)[​IMG]. You can put them outside this weekend and turn off the heat lamp in the garage now.

    It is scary the first time but they do fine.

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