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    Yes, Hang Town Farms has Crele Penedesencas that are autosexing and would look good with your breeds. They lay a very dark brown egg. The color is supposed to remain constant through the laying cycle too.
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    Have you looked here at papabrooders yet?
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    Yes he has beautiful birds that is where I got the Orpington's from. And where I will probably get the Brahmas:) Just trying to decide on another breed those seem to be the only really rare breeds he has. I want something that will still be worth something to sell hatching eggs for next year. When they are old enough to lay.
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    Well, penes are rare and will stay rare. But for selling hatching eggs, they are a challenge to hatch so you might have some issues with customers. Cream legbars will be popular forever, but there will be more eggs coming for sure. Rhodebars are also going to stay rare because they are a challenge to work with. Silkies are also always going to be popular, but lay infrequently.

    The price on hatching eggs does not only reflect on the rarity of the chickens, but how often they lay, and how much of a hassle they are. Most eggs that will stay expensive will stay that way because hatching them is a hassle. You also need to have enough hens to get 12 -14 eggs ( people expect extras) to sell hatching eggs. How much space are you looking at?

    If you could find croad langshams that lay the proper colored egg, you have a waiting list forever. But, I have not been able to track them down yet, as most in the US lay a brown and look NOTHING like a croad.

    Another thing you want to do is look for things not heavily represented on the west coast if you are trying to sell eggs only. ( you can narrow that circle down considerably if you are going for chicks) A lot of people prefer to order from their coast, as shipping is evil. ( I had a box this week that took 4 extra days to arrive and arrived FLAT... po said they got it that way ???? Are you saying I sat on the box and shipped it??)

    Also if you are selling hatching eggs, try to get a rooster that is not related to your hens. It is not possible in all breeds, but will really make a difference in the long term viability of your eggs and business.

    I ship a lot of eggs, but mostly trade, because I don't like a lot of hassle, and I can sell a variety of chicks here. People who buy eggs have crazy expectations, people who buy chicks a little less so, lol.
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    Our landlord is giving me ulcers. He showed up again and is working on this falling down little house (used to be a shed) right next to ours that he used to rent out. It seriously has holes in the walls. And instead of all the things that need done here (new windows (some are broken or stuck open/closed)), a water heater that works, etc he's getting that ready to rent, apparently? We really need to move but I have yet to see anything on craigslist that will accept chickens. [​IMG] The bright side, I guess, is we can stay here until we do find something that will allow us to bring out chickens. But it's terrible to feel uncomfortable in your own home, which I do now, especially with him showing up once or twice a week and spending all day 10 ft from my front door.
  7. Not to get off the subject of chickens here....but there are laws about your problem. I am a landlord and take my responsibilities seriously.

    Consider reading this:

    Basically, in CA if your unit is not "habitable" which includes broken/ cracked windows, lack of working hot water, etc, the tenant can notice the landlord and even stop paying rent if repairs are not made (learn more before not paying your rent!!). Buy Nolo's online book titled landlord law to read more.

    Also, to report building code violations (which can be done without giving your name) in the case of the 2nd unit near yours (there is no way that unit is a legal second unit) call:

    Sonoma County Permit and Resource Management Department
    2550 Ventura Avenue � 95403-2829 � Fax (707) 565-1103

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    I'm doing the happy dance today because I got my dream chickens!!!! Delawares from Kathyinmo.



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    Those are great pictures..... Puppy looks ready to chomp however! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They look so good too!

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