CALLING ALL BUILDERS!! Need some brain storming assitance.

Mrs. Green Thumbs

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Apr 2, 2010
Santa Maria, California

Iv been thinking about our small problem.

literally we have a SMALL problem, our house is too small! But of course my DH has lost his job and my check is too small to move lol. So we need to make a space in our VERY small house for my step son to have a permanent space. Id like to do something like the loft bed frame seen above where we can also house the computer/desk area or totally get rid of that and take half of our living room and dedicate that solely to Christopher. I want him to have his own space but seeing as how we have a 1 bedroom TINY cottage we have to get creative. I'm thinking a room divider, with this multitasking piece of furniture and a dresser, maybe some shelves to store toy's ect. But.... any one else have any ideas?


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Apr 15, 2008
This made me think of an episode of Oprah where that decorating guy -- can't think of his name -- redid a tiny apartment. Everything was dual purpose furniture, tables folded up, etc.

I recently "divided" a small room with a curtain. I was at the thrift store one day and saw a pretty duvet cover which appeared to be new; there were several identical ones from a hotel chain. I found one of those extra-long tension rods and used the hem as a casing (only had to rip out and inch or so of thread on each end. I then installed one of those sheetrock hooks in the ceiling (the kind that expands out once it reaches the other side of the sheetrock) and placed the middle of the rod into it to give it support across the long expanse. You could do something similar, perhaps with several hooks, but you'd have to be careful that there wasn't a lot of pulling on your curtain. A folding screen would be a sturdier solution, but perhaps more difficult to come by unless your DH is handy and could build one out of thin plywood. I'd do an internet search for dorm furniture to see if you could find a free plan to build something similar to the IKEA piece.
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Sep 30, 2008
I concur but would also post on Craigslist that you are needing something like this. Sometimes people dont realize that they have something they want to sell until you remind them. Also, join freecycle (online-google it-people actually give stuff away) and let them know you need this and why. You would be amazed. Good luck and I love your positive can do attitude.

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