Campine, any guesses re pullet or roo?


8 Years
Feb 8, 2011
Central Oregon
My Dunlap hatchery gold campine at exactly 3 weeks. S/he was a SR, any campine folks with a guess re pullet or roo...? Also posted this in the campine thread.

We have 1 GC named Gwen! See my BYC page for pics of her growing up. I posted on the campine thread a while back, hoping her comb coming in wasn't an indication of a roo - she definitely had a bigger comb than anyone else. Someone on there posted a picture of a 5 or 6 week old GC roo with a crazily red comb, so I was assured Gwen was a girl. Yours looks pretty similar in development to our Gwen at that age (well, I have pics up at 18 days old and 25 days old - yours looks right in the middle). Right now, I'd say tentatively a girl, but you'll just have to watch that comb development in the next couple of weeks!

GL - ours is quite feisty and by far the best flyer of the bunch. She's now 15 weeks old and just did a flight across our yard onto our 2-story garage roof - UGH! LOL. Oh then she proceeded to fly across the yard again over the fence into the pond area...she is one mighty brat but so beautiful
Thanks for the link paceysgl, it's nice to see development pics for comparison. I'm hoping pullet, but am ok with a roo since we don't have any yet. I agree about the personality, s/he is the smallest of the bunch but definitely biggest in attitude. And so much fun to watch, s/he's always right in the middle of anything going on. :)

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