Can anybody tell me what type of chicken this is?

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7 Years
May 21, 2012
Large breed chickens from a poultry house. yellow legs. some are all white w/ black spots. some are white with black ruffle like edging & others are brown & white. We were told they were cobbs or ross's. not sure if i believe this.

Yes, they very well could be. The cobb and ross chicken is pretty much the same chicken with the difference being the leg coloring. The Cobb is blue footed and the Ross is Yellow footed. Description below says white footed. All the pictures I have seen were yellow legged. Yours would be Ross chickens.

Ross Cobbs (left and right) and Mastergris (middle)

"The Cobb or Blue Foot chicken is an American variety of the French Pullet de Breese breed. It does resemble other chicken breeds, however, the Cobb Chicken has a red comb and white feathers and steel-blue feet. Usually, these Cobb Chickens are slaughtered later than most of their cousin chickens and their feet can be left on for unique presentation. The price of a Cobb can be ten times higher than other poultry breeds and you can get this chicken breed with the head and feet intact. The existence of the Cobb has been credited to Peter Thiessen and Bob Shipley and their breeding techniques used in the late 1980’s.

Ross Chickens are from New Zealand. This chicken breed is created from two main poultry breeds, the Ross chicken from Scotland and the Cobb chicken from the United Kingdom or the United States. These chicken breeds are known for their broad chests, white feet, and a ferocious appetite that enables them to grow at rapid paces. They are popular breeds of chicken for home poultry keepers and each one or two years, new batches of fertile eggs are hatched to maintain a parent flock. Subsequently the new flock produces chickens for poultry production."
Thank you so much! it was most helpfull. So Ross's &/0r cobbs can have variation in feather coloring? i thought they were all white.

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