Can Baby Chicks Use Horizontal Nipples?


8 Years
Apr 15, 2016
Middle TN
Minor SOS situation here...

I have chicks coming from Meyer Hatchery this week (due to hatch/ship tomorrow). I was setting up the brooder this afternoon and realized that my chick waterer is leaking like crazy! I have a couple of small bottles (orange juice jugs, actually) with horizontal nipples already installed that I used during the grow out/integration phase for my last pair of chicks. I've looked around a little here, but I can't find any information on whether brand new baby chicks are capable of using the horizontal nipples (I see many people using vertical nipples for them, but those work a little differently...).

Any insight? I can try to scramble and find another waterer tomorrow, but it would make my life much easier if I could just use one of the ones I already have.
Sure you can use them.
Just make sure you show the chicks where the water is.
Thanks! I wasn't sure if they'd have the strength to push the nipple in far enough to get water. Good to know that that shouldn't be a problem, in case I can't find another waterer before they arrive.

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