Can chickens eat lilac buds?

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    Mar 30, 2011
    I don't recall my 2 chickens (hens) eating my baby lilac trees last year, but this year my littlest lilac bush seems to be missing most of its buds and they look to have been chawed off. We have no deer or squirrels here, and the bush is about at the level of the rooster's head, and he's a chowhound!

    Has anyone ever had your chickens eat your lilac buds off, and if so, did it kill the bushes, or did they come back the following year?

    One of my bushes is out of the chickens' range and it still appears to be fine, intact with buds.

    Thanks for your help. Lilacs aren't poisonous to chickens are they? How about grape hyacinths? (Muscari). I have a patch of them in the new chicken run.

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