Can chicks overeat?

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Aug 10, 2011
I always have always had food available for my chickens - 4 black jerseys.

I work in an elementary school - kindergarten - where we incubate eggs ( think from 4H). This year we hatched a version of Rhode Island Reds. Not sure which type - these are from a new supplier and they mainly raise meat birds. This is the first time for this type. The person who came to the school told the teachers not to feed the chicks to much - that they will eat themselves to death.

Well, I have 4 rhode island chicks (2 months old and 2mo old amaericanas) that are in the coop with my jerseys. Do I need to worry? I have been going thru alot of food but with 8 going babies did not think anything about it.

It almost sounds like they gave you meat birds of some type. Meat birds are known to eating themselves to death.

Your other chickens (that aren't meat birds) need food and water available 24/7.
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Thank you. My outside feeder and waterer are always filled. Don't usually keep these inside except on really cold windy days.
I've never had a chick or chicken eat it's self to death. I did have a rooster eat it's self to obesity. He was very yummy. When butchered everyone thought he was a turkey until they tasted and realized it was chicken. he was a big boy. had to butcher him because he got so heavy that he couldn't walk anymore. He was supposed to be a cornish cross (from the feed store) guessing he was some kind of meat chicken.
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