Can Dogs Have Oreos?


9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
Franklin, NC
We recently brought a Great Pyrenees into our home and we were told that Oreos make a great treat for them
I was reading online about this and some sites that talk about Pyrenees say that Oreas do make a great treat. So we went and got a bag of those mini oreos to see if it would help as she is scared of everything, including her own shadow
But should she really have them?

Coa coa the stuff that is in chocolate is in the cookie part of oreo's if you have already done it and your dogs OK don't worry now. But don't do it again because coa coa is poisonous to dogs and is bad for the heart and oreo's are very far from a dogs natural diet. They are bad enough for us. And the high simple carbohydrate count in oreo's can cause fatty deposits around the dogs heart. Other words bad in so many ways.... at least go find a treat that is manufactured for dogs. Get some Purina bacon strips, I've NEVER found a dog that doesn't like em. I use them all the time to trick my dogs into going up in the kennel. Without em I would be stuck picking up a 90lb dog. Anyways take care of your pooch! No more oreo's or chocolate products EVER
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Definitely agree with no more chocolate, but I do know that my Aunt's dog would go NUTS for carrots dipped in peanut butter!

...and my cat ate my last fudge round this morning. I found the wrapper gooey and sopping wet from where he slobbered and chewed it. Might not be a bad idea to keep chocolate away from cats too!
No dogs should not have oreos, neither should people, they're processed foods, and bad for you! You want to get your dog excited for treats, cook up some liver or meat and feed them that!
When we first got our puppy, he got a hold of an entire bag of Hershey kisses.
Ate the whole thing!

I RUSHED him to the vet, freaking out an crying because of course everyone knows chocolate is poisonous for doggies.

The vet actually sat me down and told me to relax. She said that while coco is poisonous to dogs, unless they are eating that 75% dark chocolate stuff, most chocolate is so diluted that it has no effect on the dog. Even after eating an entire bag of milk chocolate there was no Ill effect. You'd have to check the coco percentage on those Oreos but I'd be willing to bet that they are fine in moderation.

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