Can i bring my chickens inside

I'd be concerned about diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to you or other pets, if you have any, since it sounds like they will spend part of their time outdoors. I guess you can bring them indoors but I personally really wouldn't recommend it, unless it is for a good reason such as treating an injury. Chickens are pretty dirty, even if you have a diaper on them, so they are more outdoor animals. But that's just me, people do have indoor chickens so it's up to you what you want to deal with lol.
Why do you want them inside?
I suppose, clarification would have been a smarter idea than an open question like can I just bring them inside I live in Maine and I have a big white barn and the chicken coop is behind the bar not attached about 12 or so feet away and my thought was to sort of filled them a little Bridge type of thing that went to inside of the barn. I have one large room in the front of the barn and a small room in the back and then a whole Loft area up the stairs and what I was going to do was just take one of the old barn windows off and frame in a wall that would actually give them probably another 150 square feet. There run is pretty covered in snow as much as I can shovel out of the way I do and then I put hay on top of the snow. Because my girls don't really like to walk on the snow so they won't so they don't really get a lot of exercise and I thought going back and forth inside the barn might be nice to go back and forth the barn is not heated which I finally come to terms with the fact that you don't have to heat your birds that they can be cold and wlll adapt , I finally got here after the Blue Seal feed Agway my feed store many books many on them online forums talked me into the fact that I was putting my personal feelings projecting onto my chickens and they're not my human children so hard to wrap my brain around that but they're not my three children are off in the world so my girls they just started laying so I get out of my four girls four eggs a day which is amazing it gives me a nice thing to give it to people like my neighbors because I don't even really like eggs I just love chickens but people like farm fresh eggs our backyard fresh eggs I guess they're doing so well. So to clarify my open ended question I'd like to not bring them into my home into my bed I mean I'd like to but I'd like to bring them into my barn which I think may also give them a little bit more access to easier access to predators in there so they may be safe just where they are I may have just talked myself out of it. Thanks a lot guys this is the best forum ever.
"So to clarify my open ended question I'd like to not bring them into my home into my bed I mean I'd like to ..."

Please don't bring chickens into your bed. Seriously.

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