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  1. We have a person who rented a room from my parents and suddenly got a girlfriend who is randomly staying over, sometimes more than 3 times a week. My brother is friends with this guy and everyone is afraid to tell him that this is a problem, like afraid to offend him or be uncool - even my parents! The rental agreement was informal (AKA there isn't one), and just now my brother calls me and tells me the guy wants his cable box turned on!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like this is kind of cheeky!!!!!
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    Either tell him no or tell him if he wants it he has to pay for it. If the people involved don't set some limits they might as well lie down on the floor because they are allowing this renter to walk all over them. Also, keep in mind this tenant is no mind reader. He has no way of knowing something is a problem if no one tells him.
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    I agree with cassie, the guy does not see their is a problem because there are no ground rules....but I understand your frustration..seems harder to tell someone we know or are friendly with no than random strangers....we have a neighbour that came over without permission to show another guy our garage! He wanted his opinion on renovating it, as he wa pondering buying our home! I felt my privacy was invaded...and when I told hubby he did not like it bnt did not want to start a feud! So we just put locks on our fence door! Some peopl don't respect boundaries!
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    If there was no agreement then the guy can do what he wants to. No one has told him any better. ;)
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    Without a rental agreement you are just asking for trouble. I would give him a 30 day notice and kick him to the curb.
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  8. Well it's my parents house and they rent the room to him. They can't do a formal rental agreement, which is why they rented the room to a friend of my brother. It's a verbal rental agreement, month to month basis. I would describe it to be similar to a sub-let. I don't think anyone expected him to move another person into the house, as most people with a lick of common sense realize that generally speaking, you shouldn't randomly move more people into a room you are renting. Anyway, I know that he is aware that he should not move in strange people into my parents house, he is just taking advantage of them. They are older, and rented this room for financial reasons. They told me they are going to talk to him themselves, but I'll believe it when I see it. So now instead of getting an extra income from this room, my parents are now supporting some girl our renter picked up in a club. If I told you about her and the chicken soup incident, you probably wouldn't believe it.

    As for the cable he wanted, I told him that I was going to charge him for it because he had moved someone in and that I felt it was unfair for us to be supporting her, but I am not going to charge him, or turn it on. - I really think that if he started "paying her way" in any capacity, it will make it harder to get rid of them, which to be honest, is probably how this will end up.
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    Life is too short.I would pack up their things,and have everything in the garage.No need to enter the house.Why put up with annoying people for money?Extra people mean more expenses.Freeloaders.If my mom were in this situation I would take care of it for her.

    Help your parents out and tell this person to get the girl out and so on.Me, I would just pack them up and out.
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    Quote:There is general courtesy. People should not need locks to keep neighbors out of thier house, garages included. I grew up in a community where almost nobody had locks on thier doors. Npbpdy dreamed of going into anyone's house when they weren't invited.

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