Can I put new chicks with week old chicks?


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5 Years
Sep 24, 2014
Hello everyone I have recently hatched some quails and have 3 out of 12 due to some that dropped throughout incubation on the floor with butter fingers and others not making it because I was all new to the process. Apart from that I have 3 healthy week old quail chicks. I have now also got some new eggs that have been in the incubator for a day in with the older chicks when they hatch??? If not I can buy another brooder. But is it possible can someone help please????


7 Years
Jan 6, 2013
SF Bay Area, California
You can't mix young birds. You have to wait until they grow out to a similar size, so pretty much don't mess with mixing any groups of quail until they are 8 weeks or older. Brooders are simple to make out of a rubbermaid tote and some chicken wire. Just cut a hole in the lid of the tote, cover it with chicken wire and hang the light above it or set it directly on the wire.

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