Can not believe what happened tonight

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Zookeeper9000, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Zookeeper9000

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    Mar 1, 2008
    Gladstone MI
    I was in the back yard with my 16 YO son and was working on some chicken housing. My son's 2 chihuahua's were out with us (my chihuahua had went into the house with the boxer as they could not behave). We were not 10 feet from the woods in the back yard and the chihuahua's were about 5 feet between me and the woods. I hear a funny noise and turn around and 3 coons are going after the chihuahua's I yell and my son grabs his walking stick and chases them up a tree. I grab the chihuahua's and get them in the house and call my brother in law, who wasn't home and then the 2 neighbors who wasn't home. I have no gun and don't know how to shoot anyway, that is changing this week I am going to the gun range. I called my friend and her and her 16 YO son came with a 410 shot gun. I have never seen wild animals react like these 3 coons. They were young but had no mother but were old enough to survive without one. They kept charging my son and me snaping and snarling and what the h*ll were they doing going after dogs. This happened at 5 pm at night, I have been in the country my whole life and never have I seen wildlife act like these 3 coons they wouldn't leave and they just kept charging. I was so glad when my friend and her son got there to dispose of the problem. I am just so shaken by the whole experiance and trust me I don't shake. I told my son I am taking his 410 shot gun and learning how to shoot it at the gun range. He has no interest in shooting at all, I sure wish he did but I won't make him, his mother is going to be prepared to defend everyone the next time. I am just sick at the thought that my friend might not of been home. Thanks for letting me share and telling it is helping me calm down some.

    Please if ya don't agree with how this was handled then don't post.
  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I am so sorry, what a scary experience!!
    I don't blame you for wanting to be prepared for yourself, you don't know what can happen in the amount of time it takes for someone to come over to help you.
    Glad nobody was hurt.
  3. Karlachix

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    Apr 21, 2008
    That sounds REALLY scary! I would have been freaked out too. Well, I for one am glad they're dead.

    Could they have had rabies? Is there a game warden or some one to take them away for testing?
  4. asher

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    Scary! Makes me think rabies.
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    I love love love raccoons, used to have one BUTTT I would be gunning them down also if they came after my chihuahua (Prissy). Good thing no one was hurt...
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  6. chickiebaby

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    If they were really that aggressive and unstoppable and wierd, have you thought they might have rabies? Yikes.

    glad everybody's okay.
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    My first thought was rabies, too, or else they were just so young and stupid they were desperate enough to try to get your dogs.

    Glad you had them disposed of. Can you contact your animal control to see if they can test for rabies??

    Edit to add - the Local Health Department in your area might be the more appropriate contact...
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  8. hwerner

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    Good for you and your neighbors. I would have and have done the same thing just a few months ago. You have to be able to protect your family and pets. Our incident was a neighbors dog attacking and killing our chickens. Caught him in the act and, lets just say the dog is in doggy heaven. Of course the neighbors were mad as H*@@, and called sherrif on us, but you know what, if I had to do it all over again, the outcome would still be the same. Don't get me wrong, I love animal, especially dogs, but when my pets or family is in danger, then I am justified to take matters into my own hands, wild animal or pet. Here is a pic of the one chicken the dog attacked that did survive after almost 2 months in cast and painkillers. When asked, I call this my justification....


  9. Year of the Rooster

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    Are you sure they weren't just playing roughly? I raised an orphaned raccoon and she would charge at me and bite my hand but I had gloves on. When they charged at you did they have their butts in the air and their heads down low with a kind of gallop? Thats how my raccoon would charge at me. And if they're as young as you say they were then they could've been desperate for food and not necessarily have rabies.
  10. spook

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    Apr 21, 2008
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    I hate to say this, but that is a common behavior. Anything smaller then them they will kill and eat. I would reccomend getting a large havaheart trap, place it an area that a skunk cant get into it (raised on a table or in a short fenced in area as skunks wont climb) place a can of Tuna fish, can be any kind, they cannot resist it. Once you have the coon in the trap (you will need to weigh it down, secure it) and then you can humanly kill it. For me I fear it running off and suffering. When you put the gun up to its skull make sure you shoot 2 times, then immediately walk away. Don't just stand there as its not easy if your an animal lover, but, make sure your coop is secured tight because they will take out a flock in a short while.
    Take care and good luck, sorry you had to deal with such realities. Glad your dogs are good and safe, you take care!

    Also, if your concerned with Rabies, UVA rays will kill rabies on an object, but make sure the animal has cooled down through a bit of the day before you handle and to be careful, use gloves.
    I am from an area where Rabies is a problem. Remember that if an animal is overly friendly or vicious, it can be Rabies. Raccoons are normal like what you saw, more then likely they were "playing" but if they managed a know the rest.

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