Can someone help me comprehend this labor law?


11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Madisonville, KY
I am under 18, by about 3 months, and I'm thinking of applyling for a job. Around here, there isn't anything besides fast food or resturants. Fast food is to much of hassle, hard work for little pay, and I would enjoy working as a waitress much more.

Here is what the KY labor law for minors says:


18. In, about, or in connection with any establishment
where alcoholic liquors are distilled,
rectified, compounded, brewed, manufactured,
bottled, sold for consumption or dispensed unless
permitted by the rules and regulations of
the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (except
they may be employed in places where the sale
of alcoholic beverages by the package is
merely incidental to the main business
actually conducted)."

Does that mean I can't work in a place that sells alcohol until I'm 18, or that I can't work in a place that exclusively sells alcohol (like a brewery or liquor store)? I'm very confused over the wording and exceptions in the rule. Can anyone explain it in laymans terms?
can't work at a bar/cafe etc.... that serves alcohol!! Can't bring it, serve it or sell it etc. Open container rule!

But you can work at a food store or gas station that sells beer in cases or packs, your good.

I was a manager and many states have that law! I couldn't hire you as a server but could as a hostess. Couldn't slice the Deli meat either,LOL
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I think I'll just ask some of the resturants around here, because to me the sale of alcohol in a resturant is coincidental too. Its not like I want to work at a sports bar, just some place like Ponderosa (steak house) or Cracker Barrell.
'By the package' would mean like a grocery store, where alcohol is one of the items they sell. You can't work in a liquor store, and I'm thinking it would go so far as to mean you can't work at Pizza Hut if they serve beer. The best way to find out is to call the place and ask them, they get huge fines for violating labor laws, and they'll know what their limitations are.
I know that here, in Virginia, the law used to be that minors could be servers in a restaurant, but could not serve alcoholic beverages. One of my roommates worked at Darryls, and she could serve food, and take drink orders, but another server had to bring alcoholic drinks to the table.

Probably something similar, there.
Well, if I can't be a waitress, I wonder if they would hire me as a hostess and let me switch over in three months when I turn 18?

I wonder if there are any resturants that don't serve alcohol? Probably not huh?
All you can do is start getting your applications in, By the time you interview, get hired and then train, you will be a lot closed to 18. My son was a waiter at Bob evens when he was under 18. All you can do is go in in ask, they will let you know.
It means you can't SERVE alcohol of any kind. Or work in a brewery.
You may work in a sore that sells alcohol, like a liquor store, minimart, grocery store that sells beer/wine/booze packaged /unopened etc.. because the sale of alcohol in incedental to the operation of the establishment. and it is not to be consumed on site, get it?

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