Can someone tell me about Sugar Gliders?


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I've never had one but my friend had one and they need a special diet of fruit, Don't have anything within 3 foot of the cage since they are messy eaters, and when they pee they like to pee on the walls closest to the cage. But they are cute though.


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May 26, 2009
Depends on your level of commitment.

I had one for several years. I LOVED HIM!!!! Buuuuuut, They are kinda ALOT of work.

They need FRESH fruit and veggies, EVERYDAY of their lives. Their are some substituitions you can use short-term, but for their health, they NEED the fresh fruit and veggies, everyday, and that gets SUPER expensive AND time consuming- to buy it, store it, cut it up, make sure it has enough variety to fufill dietary needs, but often enough to keep it from spoiling, and you have to supplement calcium. And you have to do this, everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. And they make a MESS out of the fruits (seems like they just suck the juices out and literally toss the rest where-ever they can!)
They also enjoy the occasional protein of pinky mice or meal worms.

The males STINK! As in strong, musky, stink. It gets on you too, and they tend to leave a pee trail everywhere they go. Mine was male, so I dont know if girls stink. I got a boy because I was informed males are nicer. Mine was VERY sweet and playful and cute- AT NIGHT. They are nocturnal animals and prefer to get excersize at night. Not that they wont play during the day, it just isnt natural for them. I felt it was unfair to make mine do un-natural things, so he only came out in the evenings and nighttime. But he wasnt mean or anything during the day, just not as energetic.

They do make a mess of food and water and bedding too. And by mess, I mean on and in ANYTHING within a 5 foot radius- floors, walls, furniture, people...

They are a cool, fun pet, BUT, they live a long time and are very high maintenance (dont let anyone tell you they arent!). Also, it is hard to find a vet who will or can treat them should they get sick. When they do get sick or hurt, they go downhill very, very fast, so a local vet is a must for proper care.

They ARE NOT legal in many states, CA is one of the states they are illegal in, so finding a vet can be hard.

I am not trying to discourage you, just be honest with ya and let you know my experiences.


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May 8, 2011
They are great pets. I've never owned one but I plan on it. Glider central is a great glider forum, research all you can on there.

You need 2+ since they're social. Females, or female & male, are the best pairings. Males may get along, or may not. Its a gamble.

You need to go with a specific diet. This means you shouldn't give random veg/fruit, it must be the specific veg/fruit listed on the diet plan. It really isn't as difficult as it sounds. Here is a list of the popular diets:

This is the diet I will be going with I think, it is very popular and one of the easiest:

of food cost for BML diet:

give you an idea of things-- Sugar Glider cage set: and toys

good cage:

you don't get a hand tamed glider it may take some patient to tame your glider, just like with birds. Where I am a hand tamed baby will cost about $100.


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I had one.... she wasnt very friendly though.

Soo.. if you get one,make SURE you get a baby..or a VERY hand tame one.
They are adorable..

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