Can you critique my website and give me feedback?


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I just created a website a few days ago and this is my first time. I had no idea about "how to create" a website in terms of eye catching things and what people want to see or read. I will be working on it for the next few weeks, so I'm looking for ideas, suggestions on how to arrange things on my pages. Can you take the time to log on and tell me what you think and tell me what to add or delete? Or should I throw in the towel and call it quits.

I have tough skin so nothing can hurt my feelings.

My friends say that it looks like a Zoo Website.
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I think you did a pretty good job, BUT......since you asked....In the first paragraph as well as the second, the words "on a daily basis" sound a little redundant. I think it is even one sentence after the other.
I watched the video and while cute, if it was mine I would delete that because most of the time people don't want to take the time for it to load and I don't hover on a site too long if I have to wait for things. Maybe that's just me.
I would also add more pics of your different animals and talk about them a little more. What do you do with them? Do you sell them also or just the eggs?
I understand it's difficult doing your own website. I did mine last year without much computer experience and it's always a work in progress but I think a little more info on your farm would be good. You can click on the link under my avatar to my website for ideas. Mine's not too great but I think the different pages may help you with things you may want to include.
Great observation.

I edited the redundant sentences. Deleted the video. I will talk more about the animals. Good idea. I am working on your suggestions as speak. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Unless the gestbook and members area's are absolutely needed i would get rid of them, remember this is just my opinion. Take a Look at my website, that may help with ideas. it should help!

And rebelcowboysnb , i know i use a WYSIWYG editor but that even takes more time then one done with freewebs, or weblly or .webs etc. But not as long as HTML. even though i do some times have to add some HTML to mine.
Im not trying to be mean...

Maybe Im just nit picky

I didnt like the font. I felt it was like a childs handwriting and usually I cant take that seriously. No, its not like Im laughing as Im reading it or anything, its more like.... IDK I dont really know how to explain it
no offense taken at all. what style font and color do u suggest? i just wasnt sure which font to use. let me know whT font to use. thanks for the suggestion. i need people to be as critical as possible so that i have a great website. i welcome all comments. thanks!
put something in for sale, even if it is not available now.

Just say
"Hatching eggs available from these breeds, starting February 1st. Prices start at $1/egg"
"Eating eggs for sale year round, pending availability, $4/dozen" and rinse the protective coating off your eggs, wipe them down with mineral oil so they won't hatch.

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