Can you dust your children with DE?


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I know, this is way off base... but I hate when we get notified by the school that there is lice problem in one of the classrooms and all children need to be checked and treated. Have you smelled that lice treatment stuff? My kids show no signs of lice... shower daily and have very clean hair. I know that if you get lice it does not mean you are a dirty person... it just means someone in the vacinity had it and you came in contact with them. But still... wouldn't it be nice if you could just dust your kids hair over a weekend with DE and be done with it?

Oh well...
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Well... people do EAT DE... gets on your hands, feet, etc when dusting...

You don't want to inhale it... have to cover that... but I don't see how other than that it would be bad on a head.

Donno if it'd work either. Especially since we've just gone through this.
PREVENTATIVES for head lice:
shampoo containing pyrithione zinc such as Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue, etc. T-Gel shampoos also do well.
Keep hair put up for girls with long hair, and use a tad of hairspray.
Coconut scented conditioners
Oils/gels will repel lice in boys hair because they lay nits on the hair shaft..if they can't grab hold, they can't lay.

The key is to create a hostile environment for the little buggers. I don't recommend the dirty hair approach. Rather be civilized about it
here is my opinion...

That medicine smells horrible, costs an arm and a leg, and does not work. Poison on your head and not even worth it.

There is a comb that you can buy that DOES work! It is called a ROBICOMB.

First we used vegetable oil in the hair and a flea comb to get any adults out.
The oil makes the comb glide through easily and the lice cannot move.

then after washing and drying the hair.. use this comb!!! Well worth the $30.
You can spend more than that on the lice meds in no time!

Just FYI in case you need it.. I hate head lice! ughhhh!
We are now using Listerine mouthwash in our schools to treat lice. It does work. Google the techniques. It is cheaper and effective. You have to leave it on a long time and then shampoo with regular shampoo. I wouldn't use the medicated shampoo unless you actually have eggs or lice. It won't prevent. You will be wasting your money. I would worry about DE getting in a kid's eyes and irritating the eye. The particles are minute and a minute particle can wreak havoc on the eyes.
I have heard that tea tree oil works,too. Ivermectin is regularly used in 3rd world countries for parasites. Our FDA takes forever to approve "new" meds here so who knows how long it will be before human Ivermectin will be available.
Oh... I love this... and I already use T-Gel and my boy uses H&S... now my girl only uses Pantene... perhaps I will have to switch her to one of the others for a little while. Will check out the coconut scented conditioners...

linben - will have to check that out... we have lots of that in the house

FisherMOM - will check out that comb should my children show up with the little buggers!

chic-n-farmer - thank your lucky stars, this is my third notice of lice in one school or the other...

rebelcowboysnb - yea, now my head itches too... (but I use T-Gel...

Thanks everyone... oh... and I really wasn't serious about DEing my children... though... it does work on my chickens and my dogs... hmmmm... perhaps if I blind folded them to protect their eyes, plugged their noses so they didn't breath it in and covered their mouthes so they inhale it into their lungs... oh my... that's just WRONG.


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