Can you free range quail?

I suppose it depends upon how well you TREAT them and how well you clip their wings....

I wouldn't free range them unless I didn't care where they went or what happened to them.
Do they "home" like chickens do?

Do they make good pets?

I had a pet button quail when I was a kid, it was a very sweet bird and a lot of fun.
But I don't know if that bird was an exception to the norm.
You could make a mobile quail tractor. Just move the pen to a different spot on the grass every day or so.

Coturnix quail are pretty friendly and fun. I got my first 4 as adults. 1 hides from me, 2 ignore me and one comes up and begs for treats. My newest quail was hatched out by one of the hens and he shows off whenever I come in to the pen. His strutting is hilarious.
Quail shouldn't free range. Japanese quail make great pets but not too free range. They don't perch (they are ground dwellers).
Some quail perch, such as valley and Gambel quail, but those shouldn't be free ranging unless you want never see them again. Button quail can get tame. They are not the cuddly type of birds but fun. Those are ground dwellers as well and would be bait if let outside to roam.
I Should Add...

Not Only Will They Not Free Range, But By Attempting To Do So Most Fish Game Depts/ Dnr/ Game Wardens/ Woods Nazis--- Whatever They May Be Called In Your Location Dont Recognize Free Ranging As Allowing An Animal Out For A Short Time.... They Call It Release Of Non Native Wildlife.... And Gamewardens Generallly Have No Sense Of Humor About Their Jobs.

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