can you help me id my new babies??? Pic heavy


11 Years
Sep 25, 2008
Orlando, Florida
Went to the feed store to get some food for the big girls and LOW-AND-BEHOLD when I got home there was this box with these cute little babies sitting on my front seat. I SWEAR I have NO IDEA how they got there. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!
Can anyone tell me what I got? Are they old enough to tell the sex? These guys are Bantams by the way.

Chick 1 - white legs


Chick 2 - blue legs


Chick 3 - blue legs


Chick 4 - What kind of prehistoric thing is this?
1. pearl OE
2. Splash OE
3. Splash OE
4. Birchen, Black or Brown Red MGB, check out my site to see some more and what he will look like
and these are from Ideal b/c they are the only place w/ pearl OE
So that's where my box of chicks went.

They are absolutely adorable. I have no idea what they are, but will watch the thread and hope someone gives a definite answer for you.

chickenlover54, Thank you for your answers. I was kinda hoping they were OEGB. As for the MGB, I really can't wait to see how s/he turns out. Kinda excited on that one.

chicknjane, I have gone into that feed store at least once if not twice a week for a long time now and I am to walk out with only what I need. I just could not pass up these little cuties. Chick #2 was right up front and would cheap at me every time I walked by.

new2chooks, Since chickenlover said the black one was a MGB as well I am going to go with both of your answers on that one.

Pet Duck Boy. Hall's feed store is were I always go. Take 441 to Park Ave (heading towards Mt.Dora). Take a left at Park. At the first light take a right. It is down about 1/2 a block on the right. Really can't miss it. Has HALL's painted on the side of the building.
Wow, how odd!
That happened to me yesterday when I went to the feed store! On my way to the feed store all was quiet in the truck, but for some reason, on the way home it was really loud with a strange peeping sound coming from a box in my front seat! Imagine my surprise when I opened up said box and found Chloe and Zoe, the Easter Egger sisters! LOL Who can resist?
Your new babies are precious. I really don't know what kind they are, but if they are some kind of Game, you are so lucky!
I had the same thing happen yesterday,when I got home there was these 2 boxes with bantam chicks in em on my back seat.Lets see I went to the Dr office,Second hand store,Orchlens and Dollar General...Nope can't think where they might have come from....

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