can you identify my chicks?


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hi, im completely new to chicken keeping, in fact 6 weeks ago i wasnt even aware people kept them as pets, my son told me that his friend a few doors down had some and insisted that we get some, so I looked them up on the internet & the more i read the more i wanted some to.
I got my chicks from a farm september 4th,

this is a picture from the day I got them.





sorry about there heads all being down, i found that feeding them was the only way to keep them still long enough for the pictures.
I was told that they were 1-1 half weeks old. these pictures were taken today which would make them about 4-4 half weeks, my neigbour seems to think that there a few weeks older than that, the farm is a charity run public/visitors farm so a lot of the staff are young trainee/volenters, so they may have got the age wrong?????

anyway as they couldnt tell me what breed they were (they put all the eggs together) I was hoping someone on here would be able to tell me.


im a little concerned about how big the wattles on this one are growing, boy?? hope not, id hate to have to get rid of him/her

thanks for reading
As far as what kind of breed you have, I have no idea...but I'm positive you won't have to wait long till some BYC experts start posting!!
It does look like they are all roos....Look at the feathers at the base of their tails and on the sides and if they are all pointy, then they are roos.......In your case I hope not
I don't know how the laws are where you live, but if you're allowed to have roosters, you can keep them all together. I have all my "extra" roos in their own coop. They don't get out as much as the layers- but then again, they don't make yummy free-range eggs either.
i live in a terraced house so my neibours are close, i wouldnt want to annoy them with the noise.
also the council made my neibour get rid of her roosters, although she rents council owned accomodation where as i own my house so that might have been down to the tenancy aggrement and not the law, il have to wait and see how noisey they get and weather anyone complains

thankyou for all the replies, i just hope your all wrong

roughly how old are they before they start crowing?
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Based on the feathering in the first pic, it looks to me like they were probably about 2 weeks old when you got them, so they're 5 1/2 weeks old now. Chickens typically are all feathered out about 6 weeks or so. I agree with the others - all 4 are roos (based on the color & size of their combs). A pullet's comb would still be yellow (and smaller) at this young age.

My light brahma rooster started crowing at 11 1/2 weeks of age, but some roosters wait till they're a lot older to start.

This is a flock of 7-8 week old pullets - barely any combs - no wattles showing:
Sorry, Chase. I hope for your sake that everyone is wrong as well, but it does look like boys. Big combs and wattles at a young age point to males. Some will start crowing at approx. 7 weeks. With so many roosters, you'll hear alot of a crowing-most likely soon-because if any reason at all, they should start crowing to show dominance over each other. They'd be going back and forth in the 'I'm better than you' game.
I hope you find someone willing to take them-and perhaps you'll get more and hope for a more successful brood?
Hello Chase. We have a brown chick that looks like yours. May you please show another picture of your brown chick when its older? We are thinking ours might be a Partridge Rock.

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