Can you run emu in barbed wire fences?

I wouldnt that oculd cause some major injuries. I've read they'll slam right into and over fences so just think of the wound left behind after that

I've watched osteriges get scared from people and hit a fence so hard they were flown backwards onto their backs (dirtiest jobs lol)!
Emus are extremely strong. We learned the hard way.

My back door neighbor is an animal refuge and has several emus, ostrich and a few other animals that run in her 10 acre pasture. The fence is secure for the most part but our boundry line, due to pepper trees, the fence has come apart in place. One of the emus somehow go through, a very small hole in the fence.

They will go right through barbwire, so I say you would need solid horse type fencing and built a little higher than you would for a horse or cow.
They are not the smartest birds, especially when it comes to fencing. They aren't really prone to go under, but over a fence. I would not use barbed wire, they would probably kill themselves on it. As they seem to have a one second memory when it comes to pain, I don't think hot wire would be any good either, especially when scared.
Just up the way a bit there's a home with an emu running behind barbed wire and the single bird seems to be doing just fine, however, he does have some scaring on his neck and head that I'm guessing is from the barbs.
That said, my family ranched Emus for a little while in Texas and they will run a fence if they get startled or if they feel like investigating you or defending their territory. THey push their necks right up against a fence and walk back and forth. I used to call it 'doing the tango' A dog comes along and they'll jump a 6 foot fence and we've had to deal with that too. I wouldn't use barb wire. It hurts too much. Hot wire (I'm assuming electric fence?) will keep pests like dogs out, but Emus really don't care. They'll just zap themselves silly.
I would not use barbed wire fence. Emu's a fence walkers.. they will rub up against the fence many times throughout the day and this could hurt them or even be fatal. I have 2 Emu's and I was lucky enough to find some used wood fencing that was 5-feet high.. and then I added another foot of wooven wire at the very top.
well barb wire is no good. we used to have emus and we had 6' game fence around them and we electrified the fence anytime werent in there. if you accustom them to your presence they wont freak out when you or anyone gets near them. they are curious and they do have ashyort memory but they learn after a while like anything elser that (in emu 3rd person lol) " if i ram the fence and act a fool i get a nice shock. we never had a problem with them getting out.

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