candling egg question...


8 Years
Nov 22, 2011
North Alabama
i have candle my eggs on day 8 and not sure what to be looking for. there are some with larger still images in them and some that are small dark images. can anybody explain
what i need to be looking for on day 8...

maybe this will help:
how much you´ll be able to see also it depends on the colour of your eggs. i found that white ones are the easiest to candle and light brown ones are okay, too. but blue ones are challenging and dark brown ones(like maran eggs) almost impossible.
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hello you want to look for spots, rings,blood vesles by the 8th day you should be able to see somthing about the size of a peanut out of the shell
or about the size of your pinky nail good luck what helped me is i went to yahoo did a image serch and found some prety kewl pics
on day 8 if you candler is bright enough you should be able to see the chick quite clear and you should see movment
do a image serch and it should help with comparing them

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