Candling issues

ozzy chooks

Nov 28, 2017
Canberra Australia
Hello, Iridescence, my broody is currently sitting on eggs: today is day 18! - some pics in this thread

I tried to candle the eggs in the past three days and I cannot see much. Eggs are blue (araucana breed).
I think the method I use is correct because when trying with one of my eggs I can see through (the egg was white and unfertilised) pic 1.

Out of 7 eggs, I can see clearly through one which is not fertilised I think. That egg is less blue, kind of off-white.
For five of them I see nothing apart from the air cell: the rest is all too dark.
For one I think I could see some veins close to the air cell (pic2).

Could anyone help and confirm (or otherwise) that pic2 is a fertilised egg, please?
And what does the fact I can't see through the other 5 eggs mean? that they are most likely fertilised or not fertilised? Or I am useless at candling eggs? :rolleyes:

BTW when yesterday Iridescence got out to quickly eat, she literally flew around for few seconds like stretching so much, so funny:)

Thank you!


Free Ranging
Jun 14, 2017
Central PA
The full eggs mean that the chicks have grown so much that they're blocking almost all of the light. Your hatch really should not be long now--if you want to see interesting moving things, candle around days 10-16

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