Can't change my password.....

Paul 1952

7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
Spokane Valley, WA
So what's the deal? I log in ... all's good, password is fine. Go to my profile and account settings and hit the 'change password' link. Put in the password I just used to log in with and the new password and it tells me my old password is incorrect. Well that's just stupid as I just logged on with it... have tried it any number of times and ways. No luck, so what's going on guys???
So weird ... tried IE and Firefox both, original issue was in Chrome, ... same result, didn't enter the old password correctly. Although I can sign on with it! Just so strange... I'll try and run it through an 'I can't remember my password' gyration and see if that will reset/correct what's happening.
So ... did that and altered the password and all good now. Quite an odd little deal but there's the solution for ya.
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