Can't log in from Mozilla Firefox?

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  1. Hi! My computer was broke for a while and just got it running again.
    Requested new password last night to log in and see what's new and all I can get is this message
    "The specified password activation key was incorrect or has expired. Please re-request a new password. If that fails, contact the forum administrator at [email protected].". I tried several times, requesting new passwords --- and got the same message every time.
    That was using Firefox browser.
    I just opened IE and tried again and was able to request a new password and log in. Changed the temporary password to a more memorable one and opened Firefox and tried to log in from there --- STILL won't let me.
    If I'm logged in from one browser (IE), shouldn't I still be logged in from a different browser (FireFox)?
    Oh, and I emailed [email protected] last night and didn't get a reply.
  2. Nifty-Chicken

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  3. Hi Rob! Thanks for the link!
    Logged in just fine after I deleted the FireFox cookies (FireFox>tools>options>privacy>clear) . I had deleted cookies/temp files last night, but didn't know FireFox had 'other cookies' and until I followed the link.
    Problem solved.
  4. Tala

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    I logged in with my husband's computer and Firefox once and never ever was able to log in on my computer on Firefox after that. I had the mods reset my password and I did all that delete cookie stuff.
    Consequently I use IE for some websites (BYC) and Firefox for others (Facebook) [​IMG]

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