Cantankerous roo trying to run off huge, mellow cockeral!

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  1. Crimson, my sweet lovely BLRW roo died, so I got a new boy to replace him.
    My 1 year old Blue Andalusian never messed with Crimson (twice his size, 4 times his weight) and Crimson was content to let Indigo be the boss. I thought the new guy would get along ok....
    Indigo seems to be after his head. With spurs over and inch long and the angry veteran of two bloody dog attacks, Indigo is not a creature I would want after me. He was also raised as a solo chick (the sole survivor of an LG incubator) in the house. He's a pet and he's good to the girls. We have to keep him.
    Down side: he's a scrawney black bird in what I wish to keep as a colorful dual-purpose flock.
    I adore BLRWs. I love the colors, I love the temperment, the size... In short, I want them in my gene pool!
    Dusty, my cockeral looks so much like my deceased roo. I really like him, but he won't stand up to Indigo. He hasn't been sleeping in the coop and even vanished from the yard once for over 24 hours. Every time Indigo sees him, he sets of at full speed.... Poor dusty is missing most of his head feathers and spends his days hiding behind the BLRW pullets or behind trees or brush piles.
    Will it get better? I don't have the funds to make the fences taller to keep him in, I really just hope that A) Indigo will mellow out/get used to him B) Dusty will stand up for himself a bit or C) they will avoid or ignore eachother.
    What are the chances they can make this work?
    (btw I do not think it is a roo/hen ratio thing. Indigo isn't interested in any of the new girls. He isn't after Dusty's flockmates, he just hates him.)

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    He is the dominant rooster, and he will not accept another rooster in the flock. Unless you can seperate them, sadly enough it's one or the other.
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    I would dispose (eat, sell, give away etc.) of which cockerel was my least favorite.
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    Well, I'm not nearly as experienced as a lot of voices on this board, so take that into consideration: when I introduced two scrawny roos into my flock, I had to get Owl, the ornery head roo, to accept them too. It was tough going for a while but they get along and work together now- what I did was this: Any time I was around Owl and the White Guys, I'd pick Owl up and carry him around. He wasn't happy with it, but it worked to remind him that he wasn't running the show. I also made sure that neither of the white guys took that opportunity to get after any of Owl's ladies. I put out several feeders and waterers, so that Owl couldn't assert dominance and run the boys off from eating/ drinking. I put two sawhorses up and a board across them and showed the new guys the outside roost so that they could get up and out of the action; Owl didn't consider the new roost "his" so he left them alone up there. The new roosters spent quite a bit of time hanging out on the roost to avoid crossing paths with Owl, but after time the ladies started going up on the roost and slowly but surely the guys started coming down more. If you have a way of managing their interactions, it might be worth a try.

  5. Thanks for the tips!
    I will try building Dusty his own roost. I was already planning on adding another water dish. I will see what I can do with the food. At least there is planty of foraging room- about 1/3 acre just for chickens.
    I really want a peaceful solution that allows me to keep both birds. With so much space and so many girls, it should be possible. The thing is I KNOW Indigo CAN coexist with other boys. And the poor cockeral is already twice his size and shouldn't let himself get pushed around.

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