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    Oct 27, 2008
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    my one biggest pet peeve is that my parents don't really think that car seats are that important. they grew up in egypt, where no one really uses them, and very few people own cars anyway. but they quite often allow kids to ride in the car without a booster seat, and most of their friends are the same way. I got yelled at the other day by my mom's friends because I refused to let my 5 year old brother in the car without a booster seat. she said there wasn't enough room. she drives a minivan that seats 7 and there were 6 people in the car. and she said we would take too long. it was one of those little ones without a back. you just sit them on it and buckle them in, it isn't like its a huge hassle like the infant and toddler car seats! and no matter how many articles I show them about how car seats can save a child in a crash, and how a seatbelt is meant for a fully grown adult and won't help a 5 year old, they never think to go grab the carseat. I am the only one who thinks of it.
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    Good for you-don't give up! Remember, you are setting a wonderful example for your little brother. Also, perhaps his life will be spared someday because YOU took the time to put in his car seat.
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    Todays car seats are much easier to install than those that were around when my kids were small. I watch my grandaughter a couple of times a week. It takes no longer to put her carseat in than it takes to put her in. As you said with the booster seat--you plop it on hte seat, put the child on it and buckle it in. DUH! Besides, I believe it is the LAW in ever state to have children age 5 or younger in a carseat (or booster seat). It may be older than that. While in some states not wearing a seat belt is not a "crime" for which you can be stopped, children not in car/booster seats (or even worse, not strapped in at all) IS a violation for which you can be stopped in every state.

    How do your parent feel on htis issue? You really need to get them on board. They need to state that their child will never not be in a car/booster seat until he is old enough/large enough that they do not fit anymore.
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    I hear you, girl. My eight year old is still in a booster.

    When my neice was five, we were taking her and her older brother from Utah to Texas with us. My brother and SIL argued for about 10 minutes about car seats. Turned out they didn't have one for her. We pulled our then eight year out of his booster so my neice and my four year old could have the boosters. My dear brother still doesn't understand why we were so adament.
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    Mar 25, 2008
    The fine they will get if they get caught driving with a child not in a car seat will quickly awaken them and bring them to their senses.

    You're a good girl to stick to your guns and push the car seat. You could very well save your brothers life one day. [​IMG]
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    Nothing chaps my behind faster than seeing unrestrained kids. Our police here will do seatbelt checks as parents pull into the school [​IMG] I love seeing them get busted for no seatbelts. My 6yr old is in a booster but my 3 yr old is still in a 80lb Ricarro 5pt car seat. He is 53 lbs so we had to get one of the high weight ones for him. My 16mth old is still rear facing in his car seat as well. I think my kids would have a panic attack if someone tried to drive them not buckled up. Once I was really in a hurry and just wasn't thinking when I was backing out my 6 yr old (then 4 yrs old and in 5pt at the time) flipped because she wasn't buckled in....
    [​IMG] My 11 yr old still doesn't like that she can't ride in the front seat of the van because the airbags don't shut off. [​IMG]
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    May 31, 2008
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    Good for you for feeling this way. My DS was in a car seat forever cause he was so small. He hated going to school still in his booster seat. He got over it!
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    Jul 16, 2009
    It's the law, at least in Wisconsin for sure, that children under age 8 AND 80lbs be in a car seat/booster seat. So good for you to tell them that you care enough about your kids to keep them safe!
  9. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
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    When our law was passed, I could not believe how many parents had a fit about how this was infringing on their rights. Why would you not want to protect your child? I had my kids ride in boosters until they were 8 before they passed the law. They could see out of the windows better, and they were safer.

    I just wish I could ticket the people who drive around with their kids flailing all over the car....... [​IMG]

    Keep at it ABW; if you can, find the laws and fines for your state and have your parents read that. Maybe they will change their minds.
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    At my last pediatrician's visit I asked how long the kiddo should be in a car seat. The ped said eighty pounds, and I turned to Sam and said "looks like you'll be the only eighth grader using a booster. He laughed, but understood that his weight is what is keeping him in the booster, which is just the seat part. I think he will reach the height part sooner though. Asking the doctor also reinforces that it is not mom just being randomly weird about carseats.

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