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I've got a problem that has been escalating now that winter is here. I have a 1 1/2 yr old female cat that is the sweetest, most well behaved animal you could imagine. However, she has started peeing when she gets angry about something. She first had sprayed the shower curtain when my other cat attacked her. Now with winter here we do not let her out, so she has started peeing at the door if we refuse to open it. She still uses her litter box and we have checked with the vet about a UTI, but that is not it either.

Is there any way to keep her happier? If my stepfather finds her one day, he will kick her outside for good.
Clean the spots where she has went REALLY good. Use a carpet cleaner and go over it several times. If it's on a hard surface, use a really strong cleaner....

Confine the cat in a small area with no carpet, rugs, or anything for a lengthy amount of time, at least a few weeks. Just give her food, water, litterbox and a box with something in it for her to lay on, just big enough for her to sleep in so she will not wet it.

I only recommend this treatment after you've confirmed a urinary infection is not the issue, which you have. After the areas she has urinated have been thoroughly cleaned and she's been away from it for a period of time, it should stop. If she does it again, immediately confine her again to break the habit.
She's not declawed, is she? This habit can come out of nowhere in cats who are, even if they have gone years after the declawing with using the litterbox properly.
Duckluck is right, I try to tell people this all the time and they don't believe me. Anyway, either way, you can try something called feliway. Its a pheremone spray that has had a great success rate in reducing marking behavior in cats.
Several things to consider when dealing with inappropriate urination.

1) Urinary tract infection or interstitial cystitis. I assume since a vet ruled this out proper urinary tests were done and the cat was medicated until tests prove the infection was gone.

2) Dirty litter box
3) Not enough litter boxes. Your cat might not want to share litter boxes.
4) Diabetes
5) Heart disease
6) Thyroid or other metabolic issues
7) Arthritis-the cat cant get into the litter box. Obesity makes this condition worse.
8) Pain of unknown origin or memory pain from using the box while dealing with a UTI. A cat might associate the pain with the litter box and refuse to use the same box.

9) Emotional issues or dementia.

After making sure your cat has no physical problems to cause inappropriate urination you have to address the possible emotional issue. You say your cat does not like the new cat. And I'm sure she's not liking the her sudden restriction to the outdoors either.

Things that might help you out. Clean the litter boxes. Add more litter boxes near the location she is using, and add a different type of litter to one of the boxes. Avoid scented litter as the odor pleasant to us is offensive to the cat. Some cats despise the clumping litter as it will stick to their feet. Some cats are allergic to certain litter. Check your cat's feet and make sure her pads are not infected.

You can try Feliway and see if that helps. If things persist there are medications you can discuss with you veterinarian.
My friend has this issue with her cat.She added a lot more litter boxes,and provides a variety of high spots and alone spots for the pee cat. Have you ever watched the show MY CAT FROM HELL ??? Useful tips from that show that you could use. It is to bad it was canceled.

Use an enzyme cleaner for the pee spots.

I have had to restrict a cat to a room due to emotional voiding.Poor thing was destroying the house. It is a very common problem.Hope you find something that works.
She is not declawed, and I realized today that we had switched the litter about a month ago. I'm going out today to get her old kind so hopefully that will work. We just switched from normal litter boxes to a 35 gallon storage bin,and an 18 gallon to give more room for the 6 that are inside.

My stepfather believes all living creatures should be outside only so the only place the litterboxes are allowed is my bedroom closet. It can fit 4 regular sized boxes, but the storage bins allow for more surface space for the litter. I clean them 2 times a day and fully empty them once a week. All the other cats tolerate my mean cat (she is the oldest) and they all normally get along fine.
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