Caught husband giving the girls some treats


8 Years
Jun 6, 2011
Roanoke, VA
Gotta love it...I have had my chickens since May 2 when I got them as chicks. My husband thought I was crazy but said if it makes you this morning when he came home from work I watched him from the window pick clover and take it to the girls. He was clucking at them and all. It was so funny. For the man who thinks I am crazy and doesn't care about the girls!! He got caught!!! haha
Mine still scans the yard and sees noting but dinner
Mine pretends he doesn't care about the chickens, but then he talks about them when we are out with friends or when he is in a group of people and doesn't know I'm listening. He even agreed to help me with bumblefoot treatment if it comes to that. (I'm trying the Tricide-neo treatment before doing anything invasive).

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