Cecal worms?


May 13, 2010
New Hampshire
I am having a really hard spring. First I discovered mites at night in the coop. I dusted the birds with Sevin, cleaned out the coop, sprayed it with bleach, with a natural insecticide, and then some days later I sprayed it all again with Sevin spray.

10 days after dusting the birds, I used pour-on Eprinex, .5 cc per bird. I mainly used Eprinex for mite control.

And now, 10 days or so after using the Eprinex, I just saw this morning that one of the hens had diarrhea, and when I looked closely, I could see some tiny white worms wiggling, maybe 1/4 to 1/2" long. Cecal worms maybe?

Should I redose with Eprinex today? I was going to order Valbazen last week, but then figured - eh, I never saw any worms, the dust and the Eprinex should have taken care of the mites, and I don't know how difficult it is to use an oral wormer.

Anyway, it's been a really, really wet spring. There is mud/shavings all near the chicken coop. This particular hen I have seen scratching in that mud and it doesn't seem like a healthy thing to do. As soon as it dries up a little, I'm going to fix that area. I suspect that's where she might have gotten this worm infestation, but it could also be all those great earthworms they're finding.
Yes, sounds like cecal worms. I bet you wished you got the valbazen now. You can still order it, it will last you a long time and it kills all known worms that chickens can get. Cecal worms can carry a protozoa that causes 'blackhead' in chickens and turkeys. You can google "poultry blackhead" and read up on it. Good luck.
I will check with the feed store, but of the 2 around here, I have never had luck with them having wormers. It's like no one around here has worms, I don't know.

I can still order the Valbazen but it will have been 3 weeks between wormer doses.

Does Eprinex kill cecal worms? That would be a key thing to find out. Do you know?


Edit: Actually, now that I'm looking it up, it looks like Eprinex should kill all worms (except tape) so I think today I'll just hit them with another dose of Eprinex. I can order the Val. for next time.

Thing is, this could go back and forth forever if they keep eating those darn earthworms, which I'm sure they will. Those things are like Chicken Potato Chips.
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Thats interesting about earth worms, if I happen to be digging in the garden and come across one and throw it to a chicken they will just look at it and walk off. I have never seen them eat one, but now my ducks thats a different story.
Miss Lydia - Maybe some breeds are more prone to eating worms than others. Do yours free range? Because mine walk around gobbling up bugs and other tasty things all day. I remember last year seeing one slurp up a baby snake. Yum.
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