Cedar Roosts

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    May 31, 2009
    I know that a cedar chicken house is not good, but what about aged cedar for roosts? I bought some cedar 2 x 4s for a project that didn't happen a month ago so they've been sitting outside, airing out, so to speak. It was time for new roosts so this is what I used, but it could be undone if necessary.

    Thanks, Mary
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    I personally feel cedar wood is OK as long as you don't smell a strong cedar smell when you breathe the air in the coop (especially old cedar). I use cedar shavings in the nest boxes unless I have a broody or chicks in them. Then I use pine. My cedar shavings are kind of old though...they have been sitting in the garage for quite some time.
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    I believe that the problem with cedar is the dust as an irritant. Since this cedar is not freshly milled, it should be fine to use.


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