Chaos in the crate! Terror in the tractor!


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Mar 11, 2010
Kitsap Peninsula
What a day! I recently moved my 5 week old girls into the smaller tractor because my 8 babies were getting very crowded in their dog crate brooder. So, things started out this morning with my DH letting me know that the babies' feeder was empty. So, I went in to look, and sure enough, there was not a crumble left in the feeder.
And, they had dumped the waterer over, soaking the chips in that part of the crate.
Everyone was in full panic mode, jumping, flapping, and cheeping in alarm. So, I filled the feeder, removed the wet chips, refilled the water and generally tried to get things settled down. And decided, "OK, today is the day they move into the big tractor!" Can't wait any longer, this has gone on far enough, etc., etc.

It was raining sideways this morning, not an auspicious day for shifting chickens around. But, by early afternoon things improved, and I got out there and finished cleaning the big tractor, and we moved it onto fresh, shorter grass, everything is good to go. Checked my list - food, water, heat lamp, fresh litter, all good to go. So I secured the dogs in the bedroom and rounded up DH, DS, and three paper grocery bags, and we each carried 2-3 chicks out to the big tractor. I crawled in the run and put the babies in their new space. They seemed impressed, and I had a nice time laying in the run and watching them explore the new house.

Can we let the dogs out? Sure, go ahead! So now, you have the great mama in the run, the doggies running back and forth in frustration and excitement with two tractors full of tempting chicken nuggets, and dinner waiting to be fixed.... So, I crawled out of the run and secured the run without the dogs noticing. That would be because they were busy harrassing the big girls in the little tractor. Molly the dobie mix jumped on top of the tractor and crashed through the plexiglass roof!

I hollered for DH, he came out and did a quick repair on the roof after we rounded up the doggies one more time, I dealt with wet feed (long story) while he fixed the roof and eventually, like two hour later it seemed, all the little chickens are safe and secure in doggie proof chicken tractors and the great mama can finally cook dinner, take DS to the ferry, and eventually get to bed!

I hope your day was less exciting than mine....

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