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Jun 17, 2009
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My Coop
My DH and I made a trip Sunday to visit with Bren of Paradise Silkies/Cozy Nest. She has some amazing Silkies. We were looking for a Lavender Roo and look what we got!!

I really enjoyed visiting with Bren and her DH, they are an awesome couple. And, OH is it Paradise at her place. I got some really good ideas from her setups, that I think would allow me to visit a little with my birds along with my respirator. So, my DH is on a designing spree.

I am honored to own some of her silkies they are fabulous.

Here's the little Cockerel.




My husband picked this little girl out, and I think he done an amazing job. He has fell in the love with the Silkies, since taking over their care! Here she is.......

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Bren gave us little one, hopefully it's a little pullet. It carries the Lavender gene.


We are going to put this little pullet from (AHappyChick's) flock with the little Lav Roo to breed for Porcelain Showgirls. She is carrying the lavender gene from AHappyChicks Lavender Roo.

It's so wonderful your husband as developed a love for your birds. Those are some really precious birds. You definitely have a cuteness overload going on there.
Your birds are so beautiful! I am getting some silkies this week, will be my first chickens ever. They are from a hatchery so I know they won't be amazing looking, but if they look HALF as pretty as yours I will be happy!
(I found it!

They really are gorgeous! And I'm sure "any" bird from her is good quality!
Is Bren's place really as good as I've heard? Did you see the hatching hut?
Thank you Grace! I am really proud of them. They have really good toes, and good crest starting. She has some gorgeous birds. It really is nice there. I sure didn't want to leave
But, I got some really good ideas. DH is going to re-do his Silkie coop. It's a sight to see a rugged rough man talking baby talk to his babies
I would have never thought he would be a Silkie Man.

He said why don't you call Bren and have her bring that Lavender Pullet by when she goes to Oklahoma..................... I guess they have him under their spell.
He is losing it in his older age I guess

The HATCHING HUT.................. It is awesome! My DH took one look at it, and says..... I will build me one of these. He has done really good with the birds and taking care of them. He even checks their crops
So, he is doing a good job, I am proud of him, for having to jump in and not knowing anything.

And Bren is so nice and so helpful. I really enjoyed the visit. My kids had a blast!!! They wanted the EMU.........
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That's great that your husband has taken to the Silkies so much!

I've seen pictures of the Hatching Hut, and I have to say I'm in love
But, it seams like everything at Bren's place is lovely (especially the Lavender Silkies!)

I replied to your PM.

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