Chick can't walk well and sleeps A LOT... Help?


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Apr 10, 2014
I got 6 Red Pullets from TSC two days ago and right out of the box I could tell one was different. She just sat there and slept while the others ran around and ate. After a while we took her inside and fed her sugar water through a dropper and then put her in a separate box with a heat lamp. She did fine and the next day she started to eat solid food. I took her out of the box and put her in with the rest of the chicks, and she did OK. When I came back home I found her lying in the tub asleep, as always, so I put her in her box overnight so the other chicks wouldn't trample her. This morning she had pasty butt and I cleaned it as best I could and put her with the others again. She seems fine except she loses her balance very very easily, and her wings kind of poke out. What can I do?

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I got Sav a chick electrolyte packets and added it to their water.
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I think you are going to have to dropper feed this one the electrolytes, and offer it some crumbles softened with electrolyte water, and do this frequently today and tomorrow. Keep the vent clean with soapy water and dry her. It may still be too late. Keep your het lamp temperature at 90F this week, but provide a cooler spot, and reduce it to 85 when they are a week old.

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