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    I have a 5 week old chick that has a gigantic crop - It's not a hard mass, it's very squishy and mobile. I was putting cut up towels in their brooder for bedding and washing them, and now that she has this issue, after reading about causes, I'm wondering if maybe she ingested a loose towel string or something...
    She does not seem to be in pain, is active and eats well - but her crop is huge. HUGE. And it feels really quite gross - like a water balloon.

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  2. Maybe a sour crop. That is young. Try tipping her upside down and squeeze the crop to see if she will expel anything. If she does keep it up till you can empty it some. I would make sure she has no other food to get to other than grit and feed. I recently read that garlic is used by some to treat a sour crop. Though I have not used this method myself.

    This has never happened to me at this age. So these are unfounded solutions that I thought "might" work. But I would try them.

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