Chick Fell In Feeder

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8 Years
May 25, 2011
I have a 10 day old chick that tried to jump on the lift ring on a conical starter feeder and fell inside and got stuck. Luckily somebody was watching to see what happened. We went to the rescue and took the thing apart. I switched to the multi-hole oval shaped feeder so they can't do this again. I didn't see any previous posts to this so wanted to give a heads up. This starter feeder might be good for a few days, but need to be switched out after about a week.
In a few weeks you're going to have to switch again because they can get their heads stuck in the holes. Chicks are like babies, they are always causing you a heart attack over something...
Yep, got some older ones, but never seen one dive off into the middle of a starter feeder, guess anythings likely. Just lost a 5 barred rocks from a red chicken snake at 3 days, so had to patch that problem too, and we had 1/4" squirrel cage inside a metal/wood shed that we thought nothing could get to it. The snake ate and couldn't get out. This is the same batch of chicks so am watching them more close. Just joined the forum btw.
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We found a snake in our coop over the weekend, but luckily, no losses.

I have seen our chicks standing on the top of the feeder.... I just keep it extremely full and noone has fallen in
Chick fell in the bathtub feeder lol, was waiting for the weekend to move them out to their new home

I'm wondering if it had been full, the wing might have been broke,,,wished I took pictures but was more concerned on the safety of the chick.
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Put them in the bathtub to protect them until we came up with a coop design that would deal with predators. Hawks love chicken liver, can raise them on them with treats, I have a nice picture of a hawk eyeing the protective flock. I'm not concerned with the hawk at this time, just the snake.
Ive seen some on here made a makeshift top for the feeder, I think it was more cause they sit on the top of feeder and poop in it but I guess it would work for feeder divers

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